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Many people have a habit of leaving appliances on even when not in use. These patterns are quite difficult to change. Having signs in the major areas such as by the doors reminds them to turn off machinery.

Forming a team

Some of the most efficient strategies come not from our leaders but the ordinary citizens. For instance, some organizations create teams consisting of employees who inspire their co-workers to be more environmentally conscious. I would form such a team to handle conservation of energy and look for effective ways to educate the consumers and encourage them to save energy.

Making it fun

There's a mounting acknowledgment that the most fruitful methods to make individuals willingly take part in ecologically conscious activities are to make them exciting, helpful and motivating. For instance, this might mean holding a consumer challenge or creating a hilarious video about the techniques consumers can save energy.


Conservation of energy and technology are related. Efficient energy lighting is a case in point of how this operates. Customers get similar measure and quality of light while using a portion of the energy. Home-based energy monitoring schemes fit in with activity trailers such as Fitbit. This lets customers keep track of their individual and home energy use at the same time.

Customer conduct

Knowledge and technology are futile without behavior modifications. I would endorse some inventive ways to effect the behavior of the consumer. Monetary motivations, as well as rewards, are a conventional technique. One method involves a tariff discount for customers using a smaller amount of electricity than those in households of the same size. Also, I would advocate for additional charges for non-renewable energy and extra incentives for solar panels.

Also, I would recommend for continuous air conditioner sifter change as a technique of making the most of the functional efficiency. I would also encourage lowering temperatures of the water heater. This leads to energy conservation as well was water as little cold water is necessary for mixing to reach the appropriate temperature. Roof casings that are light colored and as well as appliances and machinery that are energy efficient are also methods of energy conservation without losing comfort. Getting rid of incandescent light bulbs is also an important strategy as far energy conservation is concerned. Countries like the United States have barred the use of old radiant light bulbs giving you the alternative of selecting from a variety of energy efficient bulbs. Thus, significant conservation of energy will be effective through the fruitful integration of knowledge, expertise, and performance.



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