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Ocean desertification refers to a condition where all marine creatures are unable to survive due to poor natural conditions, water quality, and land. The primary reason for ocean desertification is climate change. It warms air temperature and ocean water, lowers nitrogen, phosphorous, and oxygen concentration, thus, creates room for desertification. Policymakers should set laws, which ensure that oceans are protected.

Deppeler, S. L., & Davidson, A. T. (2017). Southern Ocean Phytoplankton in a Changing

Climate. Frontiers in Marine Science. Retrieved from

The journal talks about phytoplankton population in the Southern ocean due to climate change. The authors affirm that climate change elicits changes such as the displacement of oceanographic fronts, increase in sea surface temperatures, and changes in ice cover, which have unfavorable effects on phytoplankton community. They explain that increased desertification through climate change causes the accumulation of dust in the southern hemisphere, which alters the chemistry of the ocean.

Duarte, C. M. (2014). Global change and the future ocean: a grand challenge for marine

sciences. Frontiers in Marine Science. Retrieved from

The author affirms that amplified use of power fishing vessels and detection technology have depleted stocks and damaged the oceans ecosystem. He articulates that trawling has destroyed the coral systems decreased sediment organic matter content and turnover, and minimized the abundance of meiofauna and biodiversity. Additionally, the author states that the use of fossil fuels has prompted pressure on the ocean, anthropogenic climate change, with its effect on ocean chemistry and PH through the accumulation of CO2.

Hoegh-Guldberg, O. (2010). Dangerous shifts in ocean ecosystem function? The ISME

Journal, 4, 10901092.

The author affirms that warming of the upper layers of the ocean has resulted in an increased stratification of the water discourse, which affects nutrient sequences and production of marine ecosystems. He affirms that the changes have caused a 6% decline in ocean productivity. More so, he asserts that the high temperatures affect the rate of photosynthesis to respiration, which affects components of the planktons.

Landrigan, P. J., & Etzel, R. A. (2013). Textbook of Children's Environmental Health. New

York, Oxford University Press.

The authors avow that ocean degradation is the overexploitation of marine resources, destruction and pollution of coastal areas, and ocean acidification. As they explain, these factors have resulted in a huge loss of coastal habitats. The authors affirm that ocean desertification has lead to the collapse of global fisheries. More so, they state that the desertification has caused a 50% collapse of coral reefs worldwide.

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. (2014). Ocean fishing: Bottom trawling causes deep

sea biological desertification. Science Daily. Retrieved from

The article provides information on how fishing trawling in the ocean results in intensive and long-term biological desertification of the seabed ecosystem. It indicates that trawling, an extraction method of sea living creatures, diminishes the content in organic carbon and threatens biodiversity. Additionally, it notes that the fishing practice is the one of the causes of degradation of the seabed.

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