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Sustainable products are environmentally friendly from the time they are extracted from raw materials until the time they are disposed of. They generate both economic and social rewards and at the same time protect public health. Sustainable products are important because they help in protecting the environment by conserving natural resources and energy. Most of them are made from organic materials such that after use they can be disposed back into the environment and add more value to it (Curran, 2012). Environment protection means avoidance of pollution activities, thus with sustainable products, the general health of the public is also protected. If the air is not polluted, people will not suffer from lung infections and other chemical related diseases. Additionally, sustainable products improve the countrys economy because their demand is high. Such products save companies a lot of money normally spent on energy because sustainable products mostly rely on natural resources such as sun light or the wind.

The benefits that sustainable products offer include protecting the environment and the general publics health (Medeiros, Ribeiro and Cortimiglia, 2014). They contribute to the creation of employment opportunities for local people, which in turn improves the countrys economy. Sustainable products are mostly an innovation of an already existing idea. Thus, they give the world an alternative way of doing things. The benefits they offer for the future include a clean and healthy world through conservation of the environment. They also encourage many manufacturers to implement organic production due to the readily available market. Marketers, however, are not doing enough in educating and directing their target market towards sustainable consumptions. Since consumers are reluctant to buy new products, marketers should create the necessary publicity and awareness to improve the sales.

With sustainable products, every person in the world can participate in conserving energy by purchasing energy saving bulb. LED light bulbs have replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs that consume much energy and release immense heat as well. The LED bulbs reduce energy cost by conserving about 25% as compared to the incandescent bulbs (Lim, Kang and Schoenung, 2012). The LED bulb has a better lifetime and is affordable since it cost $2 (Lim, Kang and Schoenung, 2012). The LED bulbs are readily available at local electronic shops. The bulbs are heavily advertised on television and social media. Videos of advertising and educating on energy conservation are mainly featured on the YouTube channels.

In a nutshell, sustainable products like LED bulbs are environmental friendly and make the environment safer. They contribute in the advancement of the economy by creating jobs and improving social standards. Besides saving energy up to 25% as compared to other bulbs, LED bulbs also helps in saving money as they are cheap and affordable.


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