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Option one

The Willie Lynch principle will encourage gang violence in that there will be more love, respect, and trust to the gangs (Omi & Winant, 2014). When the gangs are given more trust, then this encourages them to increase violence, and this causes more insecurity. Additionally, when the gangs are respected, they will feel that they are valued, and this will increase violence.

Fear will also encourage violence between the two gangs. The reason is that the black individuals will feel as if they are not needed. This issue will make them engage in gang violence as the community does not love, respect, or trust them. Therefore, because there is no trust, it is better for them to engage in gang violence as it will make them feel as what the whites need.

Distrusting the blacks is another way of encouraging gang violence. In most cases, the blacks are usually over presented in the acts of violent crime and murder in most of the countries. This strategy also encourages crime as the black people feel they have a relationship with the system which had earlier on oppressed and excluded. The reason is that understanding the minds of the young blacks have been influenced negatively with racial oppression,

Race refers to a group of individuals who have common ancestry, but they are distinguished among the other people by color, language, hair type, and others. Racial formation in a school encourages the continuation of gang violence because the students from the other races who are oppressed or undermined will resolve to gang viol as they have been viewed in the past. Therefore, when students form groups based on race, then gang violence will continue.

Option two

Willie Lynch principle will decrease violence among the two gangs. The policy relies on the fact that the white servants and overseers should distrust all the blacks and the slaves should trust and depend on the whites (Omi & Winant, 2014). Furthermore, the blacks should love, trust, and respect the whites. This strategy of Willie Lynch will decrease gang violence because the blacks will try to prove the whites wrong as they had lost their trust on the blacks by regarding them as gang violence.

Fearing the blacks also discourages gang violence. The reason is that it makes them feel that they are also considered as important individuals in the world. Thus, it makes them know that they can engage in other activities rather than gang violence. Distrusting the blacks discourages gang violence. The reason is that when trust is lost in the blacks. They will try to prove that after all, they are not dangerous individuals. They will do this by doing the right thing to prove to the whites that they are good people.

Loving and respecting the blacks is another way of discouraging gang violence among the two groups. When love is shown among the two gangs, then they will feel that they are still important in the world. This issue will encourage them to live with their neighbors well without engaging in gang violence which is as a result of the love and respect shown by the two parties (Omi & Winant, 2004). This strategy further reduces gang violence that is a big menace in the country. The race is also a factor to consider, and it can only be stopped by showing love and respect to each other.



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