Essay Example on O.J. Simpson's Case: Race and Gender Relations

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The O.J. Simpson murder case centers on the two deaths, one is on his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and the other is the restaurant waiter Ron Goldman. The O.J. Simpson killing hearing case uncovered numerous hurting facts but nine of which hit firmer than the impression that black and white folks frequently gaze at the same realities and understand altered truths. Simpson was an American football player and film actor; he was found innocent of the Oct. 1995 murders, the trial had taken eight months after the rocking of riots LA, and following the acquittal of 4 white men LAPD officers who were videoed cruelly whipping the black motorist Rodney King.

Nevertheless, according to the public opinion, the case for Simpson was cuttingly divided along racial lines; in that, many African-American alleged that Bare Gun star had been edged for the killings by a racialist police force, but to the investigator's frustrations, the weapon used for murder was never found. Consequently, during the verdict, there were strange reactions from the people who were typically divided along the racial lines and most of them were black, a lot of evidence was piled including the DNA analysis which was a new technology by then. Prosecutors, therefore, sampled blood from the scene of murder claiming that it ties with victims Bronco, on a glove at the Simpsons stuff and a clout right in his boudoir.

Although, there was a significant problem because the prosecution's principal investigator Mark Fuhrman, the one who had twisted the bloodstained glove from the Simpson's parkland used a lot of racists dialectal and lied nearly on the opinion throughout the trial, who later got sentenced for perjury. He has recorded an arrogant by attacking black clique adherents and making them begs for clemency. You do as per the directives; you comprehend nigger? beforehand the assassinations, he had arrested Simpson for whipping Nicole. Therefore, the protection lawyers noted that Mark had fixed the glove out of a racially prejudiced desire to frame a black man. Thus, concluding that the blood evidence might too have been planted rendering the evidence undependable due to sloppy police exertion. The glove was seen from a different perspective, the prosecutors asked Simpson in court to try and wear it, and Simpson struggled and scowled while striving but unsuccessfully, it did not fit in his hand.

African-American images in media also represent the evidence of traditional stereotyping which is being portrayed among the minorities, in particular, the African American. The evidence posits that negative stereotypes against African American in televisions news exploited the story principals. According to the hegemony theory, the low-status descriptions of minorities are characteristic of the media philosophy of emphasizing the middle white Americana. So, rendering to the case of O.J. Simpson, it's coverage as an African American manslaughter suspect hysterics into the ancient ethnic stereotypes of that particular group. Commentators of the Simpson's case noted that his trial had exposed divisions, sides, and subdivisions in American society. Therefore, this symbolizes a pattern of racial prejudice among the media reporters, thus influencing the elements of bias based on gender and race.

Racial trends and attitudes, the opinions have it that racial stereotypes have continued to increase and so the beliefs of the white Americans towards the African American have not changed. Especially their attitudes towards the assenting action policies have a connection to the degree they are believed to be structural weaknesses existed, hence curtailing the blacks' opportunities. It is a clear representation of Simpson's trial; we can contextualize some extents that undergird handling of media's information on the race.

Race and masculinity also was an interesting factor here, it mirrored the jurys dynamics of the trial of Simpson murder, and it was prominent that African American females were the most helpful of Simpson throughout the trial. The jury group also comprised of the African American, they played a significant in arriving at the final exoneration. They vied Nicole as a menace to black ladies unlike O.J. Simpson, while the prosecutors were busy speaking, he told them the reason for contempt of the black women, and so, the African-American women view O.J. as the representation of black virility in a white biosphere of people.

In the contemporary era, crime and punishment have become potent symbols of the racial divide in America. Racial inequality in the criminal justice is real; this fact is not the end of the talk. Blacks have got an overrepresentation in stop, charge, arrest, conviction, and incarceration which demonstrate a clear correlation. Therefore, race and gender can have an impact in todays courts in many ways as follows:

Arrests, African America, are accountable for more than a third of the arrests, a number which surpasses their populace number, this disparity emanates from the racial discrimination in our courts and police of today.

Plea bargaining, in America it is evident that in modern times criminal cases dont go to trial because of the divided penal system amongst races and gender. Therefore, the prosecutor and the attorney will negotiate, and a research holds that the whites in U.S. had better plea bargains due to their significant representation of commissioners in court. Thus, the courts are more committed to promoting racially mixed juries so that to ban prosecutors and defense lawyers from using authoritative defies in eliminating potential jurors based on race.


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