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Additionally, the entertainment industry has also enjoyed the benefit of McDonaldization of the society. One no longer needs to travel to a cinema in order for him/her to see a movie; movies are now easily accessible from wherever a person is whether in the house or outside. Movies can be watched through a variety of devices including laptops, phones, and ipads. TV shows can also be accessed online at ones own convenience without necessarily fussing to view from the television. The production of new small dishes which serve the purpose of accessing video offerings is also an upper hand in the entertainment industry.

Despite the many benefits realized as a result of McDonaldization of the society, many negative impacts have been observed to occur in the human race. There no longer exist good interpersonal relationships among individuals, for instance with regards to fast-food industry, the drive-through the window technique reduces the level of interaction between the customer and the seller. Families are disintegrated due to lack of enough time to deal with matters arising and proper understanding of each party in the family. Gone are the times when families used to have dinner together, or lunch and even breakfast; such are some of the lead reasons why it is hard for the family to stay united. The fast-food industry is also noted to have a dehumanizing effect with regards to the work setting of the employees by not letting them be creative in the occupation. The skills required in running of the fast-food industry are very dismal leaving the employees with an irrational perspective.


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