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Given how common video games are, it is a small wonder that there are a number of questions fielding from parents who are worried about the impact of video games especially violence of their children. There hasnt been a clear definition on the impact of video games on the teens but with the increase in the advancement of technology,use of smartphones and tablets devices the availability of video games has gone high. Video games may not be the cause of aggression but they certainly contribute to it, an experiment conducted by Brad a professor of communication and psychology and several colleagues on college students playing video games, found out those students who play video games 20 minutes at a time for three successive days stipulated an augment of aggressive behavior each day they played. Then a period of months or years may cause tragedy effect to the teens involved.A number of researches have been conducted on the effects of video games to teens by scientists, with a large number of publications envisaging that video game violence is harmful since it causes some sense of aggressive behaviors.

Seemingly playing video games have an impact in stirring hostile urges and mildly aggressive behavior, what research has failed to answer through evidence is whether, playing for over long periods will increase the likelihood of a person committing violent crimes such as killing, rape and also the dreaded massacres. According to Benedict an American journalist and reporter, the extreme acts of aggression do not just occur just because of one risk factor of playing games. There could be family issues or psychological problems likely to cause aggression. In the first consideration, violent teens are the ones likely to be attracted to violent video games making the statistics more of a fallacy. It cannot be ascertained definitely that video games cause violence.

It is certainly clear that there is a glitch in ascertaining the exact cause and effect relationship of video games and aggression as there different reasoning concerning the video games. It is hard to tell for instance how a habit can consume a teenager to that extent where its influence overcomes the socializing effect of other keyfacts in their life. Given the mitigating factors of video games, it is imperative to come to an agreement that too much of something is poisonous. Video games have been connected to violence despite having other possibilities that can cause aggression .to that extent parents should be the key decision makers on their children video games playing habits. They shouldnt let them fall into addiction. With the accessibility everywhere even away from home the game ratings ought to be beefed up with a strict guide for the required minimum age for a specific game. Playing of video games should not be such a sophisticated issue but the society should be at the forefront in ensuring the right regulations help in preventing violent and aggressive behaviors at all costs.


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