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As we move to the future, psychology is going to become more and more complex as other new human behaviors emerge. This would require advanced mathematical capabilities that will be used in modeling these new phenomenon, analyzing them and coming up with more organized results. The need to ensure consistence, uniformity and the capability to replicate results of studies done by previous researchers would increasingly become important.

As new complex human behavior emerges as we move into the future, thee problem of the current and existing theories that explain human behavior are likely to become unreliable. This may be a challenge which will only be addressed by creation of new theories that fit well with empirical evidence.

In conclusion, psychology as discipline continues to develop and grow. There have been challenges and successes regarding research work done previously. This is expected and as we move into the future, it is expected that the number of successes will outweigh the challenges encountered and psychology as science will have grown and developed more.


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