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As an intern in the United Caterers and Contractors, I am a subordinate staff in the organization. The implication of this is that I work under somebody who is more skilled and has more experience than I have. As a subordinate member of staff there are basic skills that one ought to have in order perform their duties as well as learn on the job.

First, one needs to have basic communication skills both written and oral that are appropriate for the professional setting. The reason for this is that the employee requires the skills to communicate to workmates as well as the superior while on the job. The exchange of information could be to seek clarification or deliver reports on the work done. Everyone needs to be able to relay information and give timely feedback in a clear and concise manner that shows confidence and respect to authority.

Secondly, each employee requires customer service skills because one point they are likely to encounter a potential customer to the business. Serving of customers wells is not only the reserve of one department but of everyone in the organization. Since each member of staff represents the organization, they need to have skills to respond to customer queries or even give information on the services the company offers in order to increase the amount of business.

Thirdly, as a subordinate one should have essential organization skills. Every staff member should be able to plan and schedule how he or she are going to perform the tasks given to him or her in a systematic manner and not always wait for direction on how to arrange their work from the superior. It is necessary for one to be in a position to a keep a record of what is to be done and when and thus not wait to be reminded every now and then.

A supervisor is not meant to babysit the person working under him or her and therefore he or she has various expectations so that the relationship between can be cordial. First the superior expects that one is reliable in the sense that they follow instructions given when being given assignments. Therefore, it is important to listen carefully when getting directives on what to do without budging. When a subordinate follows instructions it shows that, they take their responsibility seriously and thus can be entrusted with more. It is also the expectation of the supervisor that the staff members under him or her are passionate about work and learning as much as possible. Such a person shows commitment to everything they do and put their best effort in carrying out the tasks given to them and they are eager to learn on what they are not familiar. It is important to have subordinates who are ready to go an extra mile to accomplish tasks given and they do so even before deadlines.

A positive attitude is also necessary in order to promote a good working environment. A person who is optimistic and always in a happy mood at the office helps to light up the place of work and promotes teamwork. Having such an employee makes the work of the supervisor easy as such a person is usually open sand is always looking at resolving issues that they may encounter and thus promoting productivity. Since positivity and happiness is contentious, such an employee eases the tension at work thus promoting a good working environment where everyone feels free to interact with others.

It is also important for the subordinate to adopt the organizations culture as soon as possible. They should learn the accepted values of the company as soon as possible in order to fit in and work with others without much friction. For example, at UCC there is generally a teamwork culture and thus for any new employee, they should take it up and blend in with others for them to be comfortable at work.

Self-drive is also key quality that a superior expects from those under them because such a person does not require any push in order to perform their duties. Such a person goes an extra mile to learn on new roles and is always consistent in doing work that stands out. A self-motivated individual does not always wait for direction but they take the initiative and go out of their way to ensure that what they do is of high quality. When they fail, they are able to rise above it and are ready to get criticism and admit their mistakes. Failure to such an individual is an opportunity learn and they remain persistent in trying to get better their skills, which sometimes means having to update ones skills regularly.

A good team player is also needed at work especially for companies that have such a culture. It requires someone to be patient with others, tolerant to them and have good social skills to jell well in a team. The reason why most of the workplaces encourage teamwork id because it involves different people thus the decision made is likely to be of a higher quality, it helps boost better employees relations, there is learning from each other and sometimes there is faster accomplishment of work.

A good subordinate also pays attention to details in order to avoid any kind of mistakes that are sometimes irreversible. It is necessary not to take anything for granted when getting instruction as some of the errors can be very costly such as when dealing with figures for example at the human resource department.

Honesty is a quality that supervisors require the lower cadre employees to possess. People who are dishonest cannot be entrusted critical roles in the organization as they can cost the company a lot in terms of both finances as well as reputation. It is vital for persons given opportunities to work in an organization to be authentic and have the highest level of integrity. Communication is also key to every supervisor and for work to be done effectively. There is need for the subordinates to maintain constant and appropriate communication with their bosses in order to ensure that any issues that arise at work get timely resolution and have appropriate feedback.

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