Essay on Role and Power That Women With Disability Have in the Society

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My study focuses on the role and power that women with disability have in the society. In most cases, women with disability make one of the largest proportion of the marginalized, under-served populations in the world. Despite this margination, the women still manage to achieve various milestones in leadership and transformation of communities. Based on this logic, this study specifically looks at the leadership role of the first to second-year disabled female college students. These leadership roles manifest through their involvement in college women-learning group (to develop leadership skills based on their educational areas and career related guidance by curriculum).

According to Maxwells figure 1.1, which provides the Model of Qualitative Research Design, I will use all its components for the purpose of this study. I will include its five elements and a sketch. Therefore, the journal of my Term Project will follow these five components to complete the research design. So, I want to share my current thinking of the study I am doing and working with Maxwells figure 1.1 or five components:

Goal: All I can say about my research study is that it attains its worthiness from looking at a critical issue that relates to practice and policy. Practice relate to requirements while policies are linked to the college rules and regulations. Since this study draws directly from the topical area of educational environment, it gives the positive result.

Conceptual Framework: This study is related to the issue of disabled women students in the college setting. After I had started the literature review, similar studies done in the research area in the past were attractive and informative. The prior research findings will be instrumental in jump-starting me in this study. The previous results of the research will be essential in developing a conceptual framework, which illustrates how various variables interact or relate to giving specific outcomes. My knowledge of qualitative research study or a qualitative approach will help me to do this study.

Research Questions: My research study is specifically to know the role of disabled women leadership in their college system. The only phenomena under investigation will be the role of disabled women leadership and how much they succeed in such roles. The questions will be related mostly to the situations in which these women students are involved.

Methods: The study will utilize qualitative methodology, which will include four parts. The four elements that will form critical components of the methods include identification of participants, data collection, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques.

Validity: To my knowledge, the right procedures must be followed for any study to yield not only the right conclusion but also valid results. Based on this understanding, before starting this study, I am making a sketch to focus on each component. On this plan, the primary challenge to that will form the conclusion is that it must lead to a grounded theory.


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