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Diversity at the workplace helps to create a positive working environment (Kreitz, 2008). Conflict resolution, gender balance, mutual respect, and cultural sensitivity are among the diversity issues that when managed, and organization is assured of tremendous productivity. Organizational culture affects diversity in various ways which include handling human resource and fostering communication at the workplace (Kreitz, 2008). During hiring, training, promotion, and retention process diversity should be observed.

Staffing encompasses hiring people with the desired talent from diverse background and gender is very vital (Larson, Hewitt, & Knobloch, 2005). To hire the right person the organization needs to create selection criteria that will help in identifying the right candidate. The criteria will include the required skills, the desired gender, and qualification. Once the criteria is set a group of people that meet the required will be summoned and interviewed to make the final decision. The civil rights Acts of 1991 requires that no form of discrimination should be portrayed during the hiring process based on gender, race and any other reason. Retention is the act of keeping good talents at the workplace through improving relations between senior and junior employees, training at early stages of employment. The retention activities should be done without any form of discrimination (Larson et al., 2005). Training is the active process of improving skills for both junior and senior employees to improve productivity. Diversity in the groups to be trained should be promoted, for instance, balance the gender and race of employees being trained. Firing employees is the process of dismissing them from their posts, which should be done as per the organizational policies. All staff should be given fair warning before being fired without any form of discrimination. This way the above processes will occur with utmost diversity consideration at the workplace.

Cultural Sensitivity refers to being sensitive to cultures and practices that are observed by other people. During cultural sensitivity different cultures are harmonized, and people get a chance to understand how to communicate with each other (Fong, Catagnus, Brodhead, Quigley, & Field, 2016). Cultural sensitivity awareness can be achieved through understanding different cultures at the workplace (Blanton, 2013). The employees can be trained on cultures and practices observed by various people to be able to accommodate the differences. The employees can be encouraged to accommodate cultures by other people to foster harmonious coexistence at the workplace. With sensitivity awareness, people are willing to learn and appreciate what they do not know. Sensitivity awareness is promoted by learning skills for becoming cultural sensitive.

In conclusion, diversity at the workplace attracts talents from different backgrounds and gender, which improves productivity at the workplace. Processes such as hiring, firing, promotion, and training should be done without any form of discrimination. Cultural sensitivity is being sensitive to the cultures of other people and avoids anything that will undermine their values and beliefs. Sensitivity awareness is enhanced by learning the cultural sensitive skills.



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