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A refugee is someone who has been forced to run away from his or her own country due to discrimination, war among others. This group of people in most cases are faced with a number of challenges hence need protection in their new homelands.

Migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the plan of settling permanently in the new location and lives a new life. They are also called migrants and in most times can be immigrants out migrants.

Resettlement this is the transfer of refugees from their place of shelter to another country that has agreed to admit them and grant them permanent residence. This process includes challenges such as loss of culture, community and language and the need to adapt to a new environment.

In the New environment, the refugees are obligated to separate from their loved ones and families and to live in less comfortable conditions (refugee camps) as they await a change in their circumstances. These in many cases have been categorized as the positive impact of new environment.


Generally, migration is associated with a number of health related issues. One of the main issues that are associated with the migration includes anxiety and depression that may lead to death. Some of these problems include post-traumatic stress disorder. At times, the migrants including refugees might face post-migration living difficulties.


Normally, refugees are faced with different problems especially during resettlements processes. Some of these challenges are not limited to social challenges, economic issues, and even discriminations. Due to this, refugees need to be watched keenly to ensure that they do not suffer from extreme challenges including discriminations. Displaced people suffer from inequity; they experience significant deficiency and are frequently inadequate. Marginalized within their society and confronting the enthusiastic injury of their removing knowledge, uprooted individuals transform into barred individuals who endure the loss of financial open doors, the breakdown of social personality, slackening of social and familial structures, and intrusion of tutoring and expanded neediness levels. They likewise experience the ill effects of torment identifying with the passing of relatives and, in outrageous cases, turn to wrongdoing and asking to survive.


Basically, refugees need protection especially at home to ensure that they have better health. On the same note, refugees are in need a good environment that can give the accessibility to their homes and health care. This conducive setting should be at least similar to their homes because this will help them (refugees) in the proper recovery process and will enable them to feel at relieved and relaxed. A set mind that is open to recovery process also encourages trust and eagerness to undertake the given instructions because such environment promotes social wellbeing that helps a great deal in the reduction of trauma-related conditions. In addition, refugees should be in a position to feel free even when they are away from home. This will give them ability to have a sense of belonging even if they are away from their actual homes. Moreover, the refugees should be taught and encouraged to have constructive behaviors which they can either learn from their mentors or from the social interaction environment. Additionally, through social interactions within the refugee camps, the refugees will interact freely with their counterparts as well as other staff within the camps. This provides the best avenues to learn from one another and as a result get motivated despite of their conditions.


Usually, refugees are faced with a number of challenges including health complications like stress that if not properly managed, can in one way or the other leads to death. Some of these challenges are also related to resettlement conditions where they are likely to feel some constraints related to economic burdens, social constraints and discriminations. Again, refugees need to be taken care of especially psychosocial counseling to ensure that they are also feeling a sense of belonging in the camp.


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