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The effort exacted by nations to become superpowers is usually similar. Most of the historical events that occurred in nations seeking to gain control over their neighbors are similar. Nations seeking to remain relevant thus have to go through books of history to identify the factors that helped ancient powers to gain control and those that worked against them (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). The ancient Roman Empire has some parallels to the United States of America thus the need for America to evaluate their strategies in striving to remain relevant. They can, therefore, borrow the strategies used by Roman empires and work on their shortcomings.

The U.S. just like the Roman Empire covers an extensive area. It is a collaboration of many states coming under the control of one person. The vast area, as well as high population, can as well be a source of conflict. It is essential that those in power ensure that all people under their control are answerable to them. If some people feel left out in decision making, uprisings may occur that may lead to a split of the nation. The government should always ensure that their influence and sovereignty is felt all over the land (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). This works well in discouraging people who may want to revolt against the state. The prosperity of the United States will thus be guaranteed if they bring together all parts of the state to work as one.

Advanced technology is a feature in the United States just as it was in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is the source of most architectural designs. The advanced technology enabled them to come up with efficient transport and water supply systems which made their activities easier and attracted more people to the place. The United States should ensure that they use their technology to their advantage (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). The technology should be embraced to help improve their production systems and capacity. They are guaranteed prosperity if they ensure that their technology is more advanced than in other regions of the world. It will ensure that they maintain their competitiveness and relevance regarding development. Other countries also get to rely on their technology enhancing their position as a technological hub.

The success of the Roman Empire is greatly attributed to the free movement and settlement of foreigners in the land. The founders of the empire allowed people to seek refuge in their area. This led to new ideas being brought together for the good of the empire thus its rise. The United States attracts many immigrants (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). The state should ensure that these immigrants are made to feel at home and incorporated into the system. Exchange of knowledge and skills will be made possible leading to new inventions in the United States. Also, there will be sufficient workforce for the state ensuring that all their development activities are implemented. They should also ensure that they maintain a unique culture that leaves their mark in whichever area they stretch out to just like the Roman Empire. This works well in emphasizing their control thus prosperity for the nation.

The Roman Empire boasted of its cleanliness. This attracted many people to the city. There was a comprehensive water supply system throughout the cities. The success of the United States begins with the well-being of its citizens (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). It is essential to eradicate all forms of pollution for a cleaner and disease-free state. This means that people will be healthy and satisfied with being in the region. Development of cities also attracts people into a country. The United States has a responsibility of ensuring that there is uniformity regarding development in its cities for future prosperity.

A prosperous state has to embrace the need for democracy. Some of the Roman Empires collapsed because of the selfishness of some emperors who wanted to become dictators. They were assassinated by other state officials who felt that they had to be allocated some power. The killings led to war and disagreements among the people thus a failed state (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.). Every leader in the United States has to ensure that they have the good of the people at heart. They should accept guidance from their fellow leaders when making decisions. Harmony amongst leaders brings about development. Democracy of citizens and respect for the opinions of majority citizens is important in ensuring that the country stands.

The Roman Empire has leaders who were ready to take the risk for the success of the empire. They led wars and risked to gain control over other nations. The United States has recently been using its powers to intimidate other nations (ajvaughan, "Rome: Engineering an Empire.) Such acts only result in resistance from the other nations. It should, therefore, engage in dialogue with other nations over issues they do not agree on. Forcing opinions on others and using threatening language causes other countries to develop a negative attitude towards the United States. When these countries merge to rise against it, its doom is foreseeable.

There being many parallels between the United States of America and the Roman Empire, it is clear that the rise and fall of nations follow the same sequence. The United States should thus borrow those factors that will lead to their prosperity and evaluate those that will cause their doom.

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