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The state of Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America both geographically and by population. This brings high competition in many of the political positions in the state (Zavala 530). For a state to be able to sustain the needs of the citizens, it needs an administration which is able to control the different state agencies to generate revenue and control expenses. A Governor for a big state such as Texas needs to have a strong political stand so as to protect the needs and interests of the citizens that they present. The national government of the United States may at times undermine states depending on their political representation. The state of Texas is composed of citizens with different political views, religions, sex, and races. (Brownlee 15) It is therefore very vital for any political aspirant to ensure that they consider all their different views for them to win the political position.

The Governor of the state of Texas

The Governor acts as the Chief Executive Officer of his state. In this paper, I have decided to run for the Governor of the State of Texas. As the state manager, Governors have both leadership and management responsibilities. The responsibilities and powers of a governor fall into three major categories which are, qualifications and tenure, appointment, and legislative responsibilities and power (Zinn 89). This position is ideal to run for as it offers a great opportunity to change the way of living of the people of the state of the state of Texas. The Gubernatorial seat also offers enough powers and resources to improve the living standards of the state of Texas. All these factors make the gubernatorial seat the best to contest for. As the figurehead of the state, the governor ensures that resources are evenly distributed to all citizens and mobilize his teams to keep peace and harmony in the state among the diversified races and religions.

Liberal conservatism is a political ideology that combines both values and policies which are conservative and liberal stances. It combines social liberalism with modern views on conservatism (Heppell 342).Liberal conservatism perfectly aligns with the citizens of the state of Texas of different ethnicities, races, political and religious views. Liberalism and conservatism as standalone ideologies will face a lot of challenges due to the diversity of the citizens but liberal conservatism will counter the disadvantages of liberalism and conservatism in policies such as immigration and gun control. It is clear that both political conservatism and liberalization both have shortcomings. Liberal conservatism has proven to one of the most effective ideologies in recent times (Zavala 530).It is with no doubt that the will of the majority will always prevail. This campaign will combine liberal conservatism with an aspect of populism to control the majority views and needs. Populism will focus on the wellbeing and the will of the people of the state of Texas.

One of the major challenges currently facing the state of Texas is the issue of immigration (Akins et al. 320). Immigration whether legal or illegal can be very challenging (Flores 438). According to a research by the University of Texas in 2016, Immigration was ranked as the highest important issue that is facing the state of Texas. An estimated 62% of illegal immigrants are from Mexico (Salamon et al 120). This shows that the current administration has failed to reduce illegal immigration. If elected as the governor of the state of Texas, I will ensure enough manpower for border patrol and ensure that finances are allocated towards their training. I will also use my legislative power pass a law that will ensure that all reported cases of illegal immigration are tackled with urgency and that due diligence is observed while dealing with illegal immigrants. My administration will set up a task force to investigate the issue of illegal immigration and recommend necessary solutions to be adopted immediately.

Without good education, the state cannot have a young productive generation. Currently, there is a crisis in public education in the state of Texas which poses a large threat to economic development and sustainability. This is evidenced by the increasing number of young people who are not finishing high school in the state of Texas. Generally, a good education system will provide an anchor for entrepreneurship and self-employment for the state of Texas. As one of my education policies, I will ensure that the budgetary allocation for education is increased by 20% to ensure a well skilled and trained labor force.

Corruption and misuse of public resources in the state of Texas has led to the loss of millions of dollars that would have otherwise benefited the Citizens. Corruption in Texas has largely judges, law enforcement officers and public officials (Williamson 3). Laws need to be passed and implemented to ensure that corruption does not cripple the economy of the state of Texas. Corruption has proved to be very hard to fight. My governance will pass a law that will grant power to the public accountability office to use all resources necessary to investigate and prosecute any cases of corruption reported. My Administration will also ensure coordination between the different law enforcement agencies through maintenance of good working relationships. I will push for tightening of corruption laws to ensure losses encountered from corruption are recovered by seizing the assets gained from proceeds of corruption.

Healthcare has been a big challenge for different administrations in the state of Texas. Every citizen has a right to a Good healthcare system. It is the duty of the government to ensure that every citizen has access to healthcare regardless of their social status. If elected, my administration will ensure that the poor citizens of the state are not oppressed by the rich by amending the existing health care to cater for the hospital bills and medical expenses for the poor and the elderly people in the state of Texas.

Political campaigns are known to use a lot of money. The main source of campaign funds will be donations and contributions. A Website will be set up specifically dedicated to donations and contributions from well-wishers. A fundraising gala and a fundraising auction will also be held. Social media has proved to be an important tool in running campaigns. My campaign will use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to inform the public of my candidacy. Roadside billboards will be strategically placed in major cities. A short video clip about my interests will also be made and aired on national television. Branded t-shirts and caps with the campaign motto will be used during the campaign launch.

Running a campaign for the governor of the state of Texas will require a large team. Most political campaigns have volunteers who assist in many duties. My campaign will appeal to volunteers who would want to support the course for the campaign. Applications will be made through the official website. Those who will volunteer will be evenly placed in the different departments depending on their qualifications. The major departments will be the finance, campaign team, administration and the contact and support center. Those placed in place in the campaign team will be responsible for coming up with new ideas and strategies of campaigning and running direct campaigns in their localities.

This paper has been influential in providing information as to how a one can run for a political position and what are the requirements in the preparation to run for a political position. It has also provided an insight on what one should consider before running for the gubernatorial seat of the state of Texas. The paper has enabled us to identify the major challenges currently facing the state of Texas. In the foreseeable future, I would challenge myself to run for a political position as it will provide a chance to practice my political campaign and resolve the many challenges and issues in the state of Texas.


Running a political campaign is not a one day job. As from the discussion, one needs to put in a lot of effort to run for a political position. It is clear that the state of Texas is currently facing many challenges which need to be resolved before causing any more damage to the state both socially and economically. For one to win a campaign, they need to select a team of campaigners with a winning mentality. The campaign is a teamwork effort and not an individual's effort. Political ideologies need to be selected in accordance to the diversity of the citizens within the state. Technology has changed the way political campaigns are financed and run and therefore for one to be elected in a political position, it is vital to incorporate technology in all stages of their campaign.

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