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Hello everyone? As most of us know, marijuana is starting to be legalized for medical purposes. But there is still the pending question: Does marijuana do more harm than good for patients using it? There are a lot of pros and cons of using medical marijuana. I will only talk about three points. That is the background of medical marijuana, its advantages, and disadvantages. So again lets talk about the background of medical marijuana. What does the term medical marijuana mean? It means, using the natural marijuana plant or the essential from the plants extracts to cure specific illness symptoms and any other conditions. Why is it useful? Currently, medical interest focuses on the THC and CBD cannabinoids of the marijuana plant. THC is known to reduce nauseousness and increase appetite. THC can also decrease pain, muscle control complications, and inflammations.

Secondly, lets talk about the cons. For our knowledge, medical marijuana causes memory loss. The THC chemical in cannabis is the one responsible for causing the memory loss and giving the HIGH sensation to marijuana users. THC interacts with the receptors and projectors in the human brain to regulate the rate of fire and the amount of the incoming signal. But when THC connects to the hippocampus part of the brain (the section that is responsible for storing memories), it can lead to short-term loss of memory. Also, if you consume marijuana by smoking, the inner parts of your lungs and throat can damage or get burned. The damage is due to the heat of the bouncing burning particles inside the lungs and at the back of the throat while inhaling. Lastly, researchers have proved that marijuana lowers the immune system. This condition is dangerous to patients who are treated for illness. It can worsen their condition or cause an infection.

What about the pros? To start, marijuana, unlike other drugs or alcohol, is practically impossible to overdose. For instance, it takes only 20-30 beers to have fatal overdose on alcohol. And also it will take just 6-30 (depending on strength) of any other over the counter prescription pill to cause a deadly overdose, but it would take over 120,000 hits of marijuana in a one hour sitting to overdose and still not fatal. That is over 10,000 joints! Thus why there have been no reported deaths from the marijuana overdose. Another supporting fact for the use of medical marijuana is that it has minimal side effects on the body. There are no reported cases of lung cancer or emphysema linked to cannabis. MD Lester Grinspoon suspects that breathing poor air quality in a day poses a significant threat than inhaling a daily dose. As far as marijuana and pain reached, researchers further document the safety and efficiency of medical cannabis for chronic pain. Many people die each year from prescription drug side effects. Most of these prescriptions drugs are specially manufactured to have the same results as marijuana on a personbut still no one has ever died from marijuanas slight side effects. So now it is up to you, Does marijuana harm than good for patients using it?

There are many pros and cons to the use of medical marijuana. I hope this information was helpful to everyone in some way. I hope you have learned something and I enjoyed speaking with you today. Feel free to stay and ask any questions. Thank you.

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