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Lintel Capital is an organization that specializes in the intelligent capital to empower Africans establishes their own enterprises. Link capital specialty in private equity enables the organization to have vast information resources in managing investments. Lintel capital is known for helping the African enterprises, and they have empowered many countries in Africa. The strengths that are very diverse since their management is consist of the entrepreneurs, business builders, seniors in financial sector and professionals in the legal industry. The professionals with the different expertise combine to make it fully equipped and be a bigger network, especially in Africa.

Lintel Capital has so far invested close to the $4bn dollars in Africa in close investments in the experiencing working through different credit cycles. Another 50 bn dollars has been invested in funding gap African enterprises.

The barriers can include the lack of liquidity, restrictions that cover the international banks

Lintel Capital key strengths are an advanced debt management mechanism that surrounds hydridized capital structuring capabilities.

As such, the organization has an ability to fund close to the 50 bn to African enterprises.

Has access to capital that is cited to growth and the bottlenecks for the close to small, medium and large enterprises in Africa.

Has a strong managerial enterprise

Is limited through capital yielding opportunities for credit and high growth investment

The organization targets successful entrepreneurs and enterprises that are in high growth markets.

The organization maximizes on portfolio managerial principles that are involved in syndication and underwriting.

However, The capability of extending the network and making sure that the structure is significant enough help in the opportunity of networking to other countries. According to lintel capital, there is great passion in Africa therefore, they have a great opportunity to identify the right companies and support them financially and their skills on how to grow and maintain the company without going through the bankruptcy.

Capital to be raised USD 100 m

Strategy Investing in African struggling enterprises remains a central agenda to Lintel Capital as a capital approach towards eliminating, poverty, hunger, and illiteracy. The focus of the investment strategy remains a central advantage towards generating sufficient funds to African firms.

Investments Aspects

Locality: European Union

Levels: Early Stages, Middle Stage Late stage

Interests: Agriculture, education, and medicine

Lintel Capital focuses on the European market primarily because it is much easier to generate results from that geographic region. The investment strategy has three key main stages, Early Stage, Middle Stage and Late stage. Generating sufficient backing requires having appropriate decisions on the kind of product to meet in the market.

Fund Terms Investment period: 5 years +

Management fee: 1.5%

Hurdle rate: 6%

Dividends: No

Focus Fund: 22

Foreign Exchange heading: Dollar

Annual management charge (AMC): 2%

Active/ Passive management: 70/30.

Target Portfolio

For this portfolio there is a target market consideration. The track record for the previous investment was somewhat rapid, especially in the early stages. During the early stages, the reputational capital was naturally insufficient to prevent investors from engaging in high risk. The pressure of an investment track record accelerated with the investment behavior which involved combining the track record and enabled the positive differentiation as well as establishing a stable private equity allocation.

Established branches in Africa

Excelent branch network

Stable market mobility

Easy response to the challenging market condition

Ability to meet needs, goals and objectives

Each of the target portfolio has its unique allocation graphically represented as follows,

Management Team

A team of progressive professionals manages the investors, largely on the mid-age. Each of these individuals has a long history in an investment portfolio, personal equity as well as equity in stocks.


15-year experiences in Emerging in Developed markets

Specific experience in Deutsche Bank AG, and UBS

Driven by passion and event driven

Wide career in banking, as acturial scientists


27 Year experience in banking, finance, and Emerging market

Service to treasury, trading and sales origination.

Worked at a fund management company as a COO

Contribution towards the creation of institutional infrastructure and partnership


30 Years experience in corporate accountancy and treasury

The focus in the head of the market and structured sales in Credit Officer and Europe as well as management board for Citi.

Fortis Bank and highly strategically vital solutions Group for large corporates and Global Head

Recreation of studied Economics and Finance for Schartau Stockholm for the economics of commerce and investment management as well as corporate finance.


Holds a 9-year legal career at the Deneys Reitz Inc.

Experienced in banking and finance team at Edward Nathan Sonnenberg Inc (ENAfrica)

Advises corporate, finance institutions and financial sponsors.

Holds significant experience in African markets as well worked in different cross-border financial deals in the Southern African market region.


A masters degree in Economics from University of Zurich,

Holds an interdisciplinary post graduates degree in Challenges in Emerging Economies.

30 Year experience in risk management and finance

Worked in commenced in career at Union Bank at MENA banking for sovereign debt restructuring and equity

Banked in SWISS bank corporation management and capital markets.

Became a Senior Credit Officer working with EMEA corporates with a specific leverage in finance and emerging markets.

A seasoned risk manager with close expertise in assets and risk management in diligent markets and economic markets.


13 years global blue management experience for areas marketing, brand development, and organizational development

Holds on Bachelor of Commerce from Stellenbosch University South Africa

Creates a range of start-up for enterprises for the exposure for wide range of business operations as well as managerial experiences

Creation of business and investment analysis

Track record Lintel Capital has a strong reputation for service delivery and performance. The organization has had close interests in African development as well as civilization. Most of the focus is in Education, Medicine, and Agriculture.

Central achievement for the organization is in

SWOT Analysis


The team is best qualified in matters of loan handling.

Best suit academically qualified, with immense certification records

All private equity handlers have at least 7 year experience in related field, and more so at more demanding levels.

Critical experience in handling of funds

All the candidates have the ability to create a stable goal setting agenda.

All the candidates have the right knowledge of donor funding, investment and African development, with special interests to government.

A long-term relationship with African countries that has created solid trust

The organization has a better leadership that enables the organization to grow positively and properly as well responding to the investment allocation

Strong management expertise given that most members come from diverse backgrounds. Diverse background shows the experience in various backgrounds since they have distinct characteristics and qualities that can help in the lintel capital.

All the candidates have significant experience in strategic investment. The sophisticated debtors both the senior and subordinates have the hybrid capital structures that have the capabilities of focusing on the Africa/EM.

Investing in Africa, there are risks of bankruptcy, but the professional that is involved in lintel capital has the upper hand since they have a backup plan that will ensure that their assets are safe.


Political problems in most African countries force NGO and Enterprises to operate under duress.

As such, the team does not have sufficient expertise in handling sporadic legal matters.

One of the weaknesses of lintel capital is faced have macroeconomic risks that are capable of eroding the potential returns that are expected.

The investors in the lintel capital have their first lock upon any negative events that will discourage many people to work with them since it is more of higher risk and have low returns.

The barriers can include the lack of liquidity, restrictions that cover the international banks. Apart from the obstacles that they might experience, another weakness is finding the appropriate market that should be targeted


Support from international bodies such as United Nations.

Africa is known to have developing countries therefore there are open windows for anything and anyone who invests and play a part in making the countries develop.

Lintel capital acts as a catalyst especially to the investment community.

In Africa, there many places that one can invest in as long as it promotes the social sector and the environment sector positively.

The network is easy to connect in different countries since in Africa they can easily understand each other.

Positive growth of the African market, means that most investments are safe as for now.

Lintel capital has the opportunity to target 18 to 20 % market in Africa which is roughly 200m per annum.

This will provide employments to people in Africa and other companies would want to invest in Africa as well.


Changes in the global market, meaning African countries are no longer a priority to receive investments funds

Poor foreign exchange risk which includes the financing of the assets and finding it hard to make the exchange the currency of the countries that they are investing in

In sufficient human capital, most of the graduates entitled to handle the investments are not qualified enough given the struggling state of education in Africa.

The targeted portfolio for investment according to the Lintel is the gap that is over 50 billion and many companies are eying the gap. Getting the investment gap can be difficult since one of their weaknesses is convincing the Africans to work with them.

Threats of technological changes

Other risks includes refinancing risks which occur when the companies goes to bankrupt.

The political risks which involves the politics of a certain country to get involved and infrastructure risk which includes lack of infrastructures like electricity and good roads

Positives African countries are in dire need for changes, changes in institutions, infrastructures and methods of managing resources, hence there is a global huge support for the course

The organization is very equipped to handle any kind of challenge arising, any amount of money dedicating to this course will be dully treated with respect.

The organization has been in African investment for some significant amount of time; recently it kept 4bn in to gainful uses.

Consciousness in the green revolutions, that was used to establish positive preventive measures which are in place in helping the growth of a stable version and sensory story.

The pursuit of objectives depends on the response of the firm towards the changing economic conditions.

The organization has a great deal of global wide customers who are interested in the development of Africa.

Perfect balancing between all stakeholders involved in the capital sharing and transfer

Concerns Lack of proper coordination between the various African sectors, there is still problems suc...

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