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Dr. Maurice Fowler is an experienced physician with over 25 years experience practicing medicine. Besides his practice, he runs a successful business, human organ business. He has a network of his peer doctors in India where they engage in the sale of critical human organs to use in transplants such as heart, liver, and kidney. Stephanie Joy is a close associate, based in India and a ruthless business guru in the sale of the human parts. Besides being a broker, she recruits the willing clients to sign a will that their critical body parts are to be used for scientific research instead of being interred. However, the business run by the duo is often not for scientific research but to make them rich as they strive to save lives. The business is critical when given a human perspective but illegal owing to the charges that they compel their clients to pay before they render their services.

Fowler is a soft-spoken gentleman with a mustache and with love for perfection. Internally he is ruthless and can eliminate anyone who crosses his path or blocks his business deals. On one occasion, he made an order to Stephanie to deliver a human liver that as to be transplanted to a patient with a failed liver for $50,000. Stephanie had taken the money, and knowing very well that she could not deliver the liver, knew that her goose was cooked and the only way was to terminate her partnership with Fowler and escape for some time. Such would entail a change of contacts, location and fly down to remote Africa for a sabbatical to ensure that Fowler could not reach her. Such would lead to Fowler losing a client a having refund her client, an issue that angered him more.

Stephanie arranges with Jedidah, her mentor and medical practitioner in South Africa, where she works with poor communities and offers her services through a nongovernmental organization in Kwa Zulu village. Stephanie doesnt give a hint of her incomplete business transaction with Fowler and instead tells her that she enjoys staying with her in Africa and would be happy to stay there forever. Stephanie is oblivious of how shrewd Fowler can be with Fowler and Jedidah having an illicit affair, majorly driven by the professional gain that they make for each other. Jedidiah's offer to Fowler is to check on Stephanie while Fowlers offer to Jedidah in their affair is financial gain and cover-up up in the medical ethics board, chaired by Dr. Fowler for the cases of medical negligence to which Jedidah has been accused of by some patients.

Kwa Zulu village is 200 miles south of Capetown, where Dr. Fowler happens to have a holiday home on an expansive 10-acre property in a prime and uptown location. The home has a guest wing that is detached from the eight-bedroom house. In the house, Fowler enjoys being in the refrigerated bedroom located on the East side of his apartment where he enjoys displaying heads of business associates that he has killed and put in the large freezers in his room. Such is the reward that he offers to any close business associate trying to act smarter than him.

Fowler is a respected medic, both in his hometown in Georgia and internationally. He is often invited for lectures in various topics in renal medicine and has been a contributor to many international journals. The reputation that he holds makes many to be oblivious of any evil harm that he may present to anyone. Furthermore, the high level of respect and esteem that he holds could make the authorities not to suspect him for any foul or gruesome murder that he may have advanced to any of his associates.

Chris Martin is an undercover investigator and has been charged with investigating international crimes, mostly involving cybercrime activities. His work enables him to travel across many continents and countries in the world. Chris and Stephanie are childhood friends who grew in the same neighborhood and attended the same kindergarten. Chris came to learn of Stephanies disappearance after a trip to India with the family making frantic efforts to look for her. The case of interest to him, making him take up the case with the approval of his boss, Wellington. Wellington is Jedidahs husband, but their affair has never been made official with the two having a preference for keeping their lives low and away from the public limelight. When Chris establishes that Jedidah is the last person to have lived with Stephanie, he makes efforts to track her and tap some of her calls. However, she rarely makes calls through her cell phone and prefers to communicate through proxies and the public telephone booth to hide her identity. Such grants him more interest to dig deep into the case of Stephanie, having background information that he was involved in business with Fowler. The investigation into Stephanies disappearance takes him to the United States, India, and South Africa. According to his preliminary investigations, India is the epicenter of their trade activities with the booming human organ trade, which further arouses his interests in the case with the aim of establishing who could be Stephanies clients.

The striking evidence that Chris gathers from his investigation is an e-mail conversation that is written in a coded message text revil. The process of encoding the message was complicated not knowing the complexity of the nature of the business in which they were engaged with the duo. Further research in collaboration with the forensic experts further affirmed that the correct interpretation of the message would be, text liver, thus, granting the hint that the duo could have been engaged in the business of selling human organs or would have been professional partners in the medical practice. With the copies of tapped and recorded a conversation between the two business associates, Chris, took the evidence to Wellington to give him go ahead to investigate Jedidah and Fowler on the role that they might have played in the disappearance of Stephanie. A request that is approved without dissent by Wellington.

In Cape Town, Chris commits to working with the local authorities to investigate Fowler. On tracking his details, there is no American owning any high-end property within Cape Town as alleged by Chris, with the only known property being in the name of Wellington Stephens. Chris recalls who Wellington Stephens would be since his boss is Wellington Martin. The intrigues of the investigation lead Chris to Jedidahs place of residence, on a solo mission, a blunder that leads to him being killed and taken to the refrigerator in Fowler's house in the high-end estate within Cape Town.

Chris murder is the turning point of the gruesome murders that have occurred in the hideout of human organ business. It is affirmed that the murders and the bodies, as weeded out by the local authorities assert that each body who have been killed, including the main suspects Jedidiah and Dr. Fowler each, have a resembling tattoo in the left arm. The tattoo a cross and a skull pierced by a sword. Further observation to the corpses reveals that each has a hole bore in their head and their throats slit. Such complicates the investigation since the first assumption that is developed by the investigators is that of a cult-like following where death is the ultimate price to pay for being a member of the cult. However, a deep investigation by the local authorities and the invitation of Interpol and FBI further reveal that the tattoos are faded and could not have been inscribed when the victims were alive. The findings of the case lead to extradition of Dr. Fowler who is later found dead under the police custody before being taken for mentioning in the Georgian court. The investigation is thrown into disarray since Jedidah could not help with the inquiry and the lead investigator with the trail of the evidence has also been murdered. As it turns out, Wellington is the leader of the human parts and demanded nothing short of honesty from his business peers and their ability to deliver to any commitment and direction that he had offered without doubt from an associate.


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