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The three observations are after investigates a school environment and interactions between teachers, children, their general performance, their activities, children intelligence, and their attitude towards different things in the school environment. The first observation happened to be inside the classroom investigating the attributes, responses as well as the behavior of one bright Hispanic child with a high Hispanic background child towards different interactions and activities in the classroom environment. Nevertheless, as observed, it was noted that he happens to have a poor response towards reading since he has got a little memory when it comes to recalling whatever it is that they learned. For the children to remember, he uses images and graphics to respond to the reading comprehension questions.

Several other observations were made regarding his distraction especially when concentrating on his private studies. A child might be indigent in the theory-based subjects and love the logical ones. It varies from child to child due to their mindset, the study culture they already have, reasons beyond the mindset such as the teachers the kid may have experienced and their teaching styles as compared to other teachers that made them love a particular or some subjects. Since the child was also noted to be poor in concentrating on his private studies, this may be as a result of a small and inefficient study culture that was cultivated in them in the early years of their education. Everyone note that the child happened to be excellent in a mathematics lesson and had a good participation which proved that he loved the subject as compared to other theoretical subjects and class activities such as writing comprehensions.

The inclination towards mathematics as a subject may have been brought about by a particular perception in the kids mind that theory-based and writing disciplines are tiring and boring while mathematics involves reasoning as well as the making of necessary calculations which sound to them less tedious and boring as compared to the general classes. The practice would drive the kid to become very active while participating in a mathematics class as compared to writing and reading one. Here, the teacher has to work in close cooperation with the child and follow up on them to make sure that they concentrate and pay attention to every detail in class towards helping improve his perception of the other subjects as well as enhance his memory. It is always encouraging for a teacher to find children learning new things.

Young children are receptive as well as keen to learn new things. Most of this learning happens through self-exploration while they are around their friends. Its always the case that after the teacher gets out of class, the kid goes to learn new things from his buddies. They also learn through visual interpretation. Some of the kids might be weak in some areas and strong in others as in the case of this child. The presentation is usually healthy for children, and this calls for the teacher to be patient with the children and support them through their development in their areas of weakness without being too strict with them. Apparently, it is the best thing to do to such a kid since at the early stages of development, the children are usually afraid of the reactions from their teachers regarding harshness, or even strict instructions and expectations and this may have a huge and significant effect on the education of the child in later years.

No matter how easily distractible the kid is while learning in class, they need total support from the teacher and ought to be taken through the development process with a lot of care and love. Some of the children may be moderate learners while others may prove to be either fast or slow learner. To make sure that these kids work on balance in class without some of them lagging behind, the teacher has to work hard in ensuring that all of them work at their pace. According to the observation, some of the kids may have a good logical reasoning capacity like that of mathematics as compared to others who may not have the same and probably may be actively engaging in other areas of study.

While learning a second language that may be aimed at bringing about universality and uniformity in the class environment as well as the entire school, some of the kids may tend to use their native language to learn the second language. The teacher has to keep insisting to the children and ensuring the importance of immersing themselves totally into the language. This means that the kids have to learn on how to communicate, speak, read and write in the second language. The point of universality originates from the fact that every child, especially in a multiracial school, shares different values, tradition, and culture. A common language is meant to bring about a good relationship between the various children in their day to day activities. The teacher should emphasize again and again on the use of simple language in the school environment. The language is very crucial for the progressive growth and development of the entire class and or school. Different kids have different temperaments and responses to stimuli and emotions.

Some kids in school are very attentive to the teachers instructions and will act upon them with immediate effect without the teacher having to react in any way that will command the attention of the kid. However, for others who are so disturbing and imperative, the teacher has to act in a way that the child knows precisely that their disturbance and playfulness is not going to be entertained in the learning environment. Such characters may force the teacher to seem very emotional and reactive or even repeat a powerful statement twice or thrice for the kid to have an idea of whatever this is going to be like if they play around again. In most childrens classrooms in different schools, you will often find graphics on the wall whether painting or pictures that are meant to show the kid and drive them towards embracing diversity as well as the different social environments. In a multicultural/ multiracial class, this can be so helpful in making the children feel appreciated and welcome regardless of their social, geographical, cultural or physical background.

Even though some of the kids might be bright, they may as well prove feeble in some other areas in the class environment and especially in learning a second language like a Spanish child learning English. In such a case, for children to become proficient second language users, they need to go through several assessments in the developmental stages through image or object regulation in the event of an occurrence of a complicated communication situation. It is very hard for kids to be self-regulated since they might be unable to concentrate, they may also become easily distracted and may end up reasoning a very inconsistent and non-reversible manner. Some of the scholars have argued out that for the kid, development is both biological and social, both for languages and other aspects of learning. The desires of children to communicate effectively with others is what influences learning of languages.

The brain of any child is born powerful but slowly develops prompting them to acquire new events that they might need to share with others. There are theories such as the interaction theory that implore that this context, as well as the environment, are both crucial for the kids in learning a language. The theories are for language against grammar which may come later in the learning process. Both experienced and beginner speakers of a language live in a communicative arrangement where feedback is compulsory. These theories appeal to the importance of both the home and the cultural environment in aid of learning a new language for a child. One of the factors that will always play a great role in the learning of a language and language development is the environment. This is majorly on the development of vocabulary. The theory, however, proves crucial since it alludes to the fact that statement will make sense to someone if the speaker understands the context of the language. However, it is the primary consideration in the interactionists view that no single object is made out of thoughts but rather interactions. For children, the fundamental concern is mainly the understanding of a language but not the grammatical aspect of it. The relationship of the learner, as well as the culture, has been stressed by the theory and that an experienced speaker lies between the student and general statements.

The paintings on the classroom earlier observed serve a deeper meaning. The big class is a depiction of the fact that it can contain people from the different cultures, environments and social backgrounds. The paintings which happened to be orange in color create a sense of warmness in the classroom as well as a feeling of relatability for the kids regardless of their backgrounds. While in the pre-linguistic development phase, he as a Spanish native doesnt understand or even have the knowledge to speak or communicate in English which is his second language. He has a poor attitude towards reading response because his Spanish origin is limiting his strong skills in writing. However, we cant say that his Spanish origin is the factor behind his reading abilities. The limited knowledge of his second language which is English can be attributed to the fact that he always wants to speak in Spanish even when learning English. A significant effect on his culture and social background can be seen registering in his learning process. As earlier said, it will be the teachers' work to follow through and make sure that the kid develops the language very well and with consistency towards achieving universality in the whole classroom.

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