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From the privacy to the accountability concept  pg. 173 - 175

The individuals consent upon collection was given less focus. More focus was diverted towards holding accountable the actions of the holders of data

Reuse of personal data in firms must be keenly assessed

The burden of responsibility is then shifted to the data users from the initial owners which are the public. Data users are expected to know more than regulators or consumers

After information of those using data has served its main purpose, there would be no need for the information to be deleted

Permanent memory would be guaranteed. One would not be able to evade his or her past since past events would be safely stored

Differential privacy

Associating particular data points to particular people becomes expensive and difficult under such privacy

The data are deliberately blurred so that incase of any query, only an approximation of the dataset is realized instead of the exact results

The accountability of those using data is very essential and fundamental in case of change for the big data

People vs. predictions pg. 175 - 178

People are held accountable for their actions in the courts of law

There is need for redefinition of justice to allow people express their free will

People should be judged on their possible future actions and not past actions

The judgment of human behaviors by government can only be dictated to be based on real actions only upon guaranteeing human agency

Breaking the black box pg. 178 - 180

Computer systems are programmed to follow certain rules to make decisions

Traceability when dealing with huge amount of data is usually an uphill task

Human, ordinary understanding is exceeded mostly by actions of the big data

Algorithms are needed to take control of dealing with big data

The rise of algorithms pg. 180

These are experts in the field of computer science who help in reviews and analysis of big data

Problems are given market-based approach

For data sources to be selected, the evaluation must be conducted. Also, the choice of predictive and analytical tools must be evaluated

External algorithms pg. 181

They act as experts in internal auditing with their main intention being to review validity or accuracy of the predictions of the big data upon request by the government.

Sign contracts with clients mostly the companies that deal with big data. Their main function is usually to conduct audit

Internal algorithms pg. 181 - 182

These are experts who monitor activities of organizations dealing with data but from the inside

Maintain accuracy and integrity

These experts oversee the operations of big data

They ensure privacy by preventing leakage of private information to unwelcomed parties

The productivity and creativity of the data depend solely upon the supply of data pg. 182

Three new strategies that are important when dealing with big data include propensity, algorithm auditing, and privacy.

Safeguarding of the competitive markets of the big data is usually very

Governing the data barons - pg. 182 - 184

Tools that cause to humanity are first discovered and developed despite the risks. The risks are then later identified, evaluated and safety mechanisms listed

As such, big data mechanisms also front itself without any considerations to the solutions

The hazards of the powerful technology about big data must be appreciated, and its rewards seized



Mayer-Schonberger, V., & Cukier, K. (2014). Big data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work and think. Boston: Mariner Books.


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