Research Paper on Deficiency of Midwives in Saudi Arabia Health Organizations

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In an attempt to address, deficiency of midwives in Saudi Arabia health organization as compared to general nurses, my research seek to essentially develop a curriculum for midwives undergraduate. This has evolved to the problem of practice Developing Curriculum for Nurse Midwife as an Effective Investment to Improve Quality of Patient Care in Saudi Arabia." The research questions seek to answer and guide the research on what factors contribute to this shortage of midwives, outline risk factors for women and newborns that could be remedied by the new curriculum identify specific aspects of the curriculum to help midwives mitigate risk factors. Also, the research seeks to answer what are the particular advantages of the new curriculum to midwives nurses.

A mixed methods approach will be utilized to gain an in-depth understanding. The procedure will use three tools: self-administered questionnaire & fax questionnaire, open-ended question but the primary tool of data collection will be the focus group discussions from key informants such as managers. Focus group will be essential for this research to test and gain insights of how the idea of a new curriculum will be received by the participants as well as capture specific contents and aspects of the curriculum that can be incorporated in the undergraduate program to help young midwives graduates to mitigate risk factors.

As a researcher am motivated to fill the research gap which will be substantial about the inclusion of a better curriculum that will mitigate the problem of shortage in midwives in Saudi Arabia. Proposing a new curriculum is vital as it will ensure that more graduates pursue midwife undergraduate curriculum, and upon graduating hence eliminate the shortage as well as eliminate the need to hire midwives from other countries. The problem of hiring midwives from other countries could be because of other factors that cannot be restricted to only one remedy that is the introduction of a new curriculum. In being, cognizant of my positionality as a Saudi Arabian in developing a homemade solution in training more native citizens in midwifery eliminating the need for hiring abroad, the government might be directed its achieving competitive wages from foreign labour. Another bias that exists is that general nurses are simply disinterested in working in such a department. So For example, the assumption is that general nurses in all nursing departments at the hospital and obstetrics, and gynaecology sectors will be motivated to pursue an undergraduate degree. They may be simply disinterested in working in departments within the hospital for various reasons maybe because of the satisfaction they draw from working in their preferred departments. This factor can contribute to a general disinterest in pursuing higher education in areas of midwife preferring to advance in other fields of specialization that guarantee higher funding, career advancement and a whole lot of personal biases. Policy makers may also be obliged to target wider policy application for example through expansion of training facilities to mitigate the problem of fewer midwives in Saudi Arabian hospitals. Policy makers may also champion hiring midwives from foreign countries due to the competitive wage rate demanded by foreigners as opposed to native citizens. Focus groups will, therefore, be focal in revealing these different contextual interpretations from the participants.



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