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Summon retrieves materials from eBooks, journals, videos, government publication, websites, and more. However, summon does not retrieve everything that is required, for instance in the same categories, there are no databases from reliable sources. In fact, useful research on Public health research was not retrieved. Besides, other sophisticated searches do not retrieve the information as required because they lack strategies of narrowing data.

There are databases not included in the database search. Some resources not included in the database include NCBI and SAGE amongst others. The articles included Arts, LexisNexis, Directory of Open Access Journals, and EBSCO databases, which houses, Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, and Architecture Source.

Search Tips using Boolean Operators

Boolean operators provide a mathematical approach towards sets, hence retrieving sets in a logical and coherent manner. In other words, Boolean operators are a combination of search algorithms that allows connection of search words to broader or narrow perspectives but still maintain coherence. The search results involve several search terms as well connection of pieces of information that allows listing of similar information using key words, phrases or helpers. The focus contains several search terms as well as a combination of information that we will be looking for.

The Boolean technique enables a proper combination of search results, hence increases the possible searching criteria. The Search Tips involves a combination of AND, OR and NOT. The connection uses several search phrases that retrieve results in a much more coherent manner. The search criteria begin with phrases moving forward to helpers. The quality is maintained by OR and NOT operators that allow the concepts implied by results and action.

However, some of the search problems depicted by the disjunctions of the Pseudo-Boolean constraints depict the problem of local search methods that involve computing of various methods of the research. The data structure is a concise representation of the different certain type of the observation parameters. As well, the search algorithms depend naturally on the computing power (Liu and Truszczynski, 2007).

Ciccone and Vickery (2015) evaluate and compare the results of a possible search strategy used by Summon on the EBSCO service. Arguably, the performance of these services depends ultimately on the search criteria as well as the performance of the search results. The search result examines the possible performance of the known items that are related to the search discovery, which is part of the generic research options. As well, there is a concern of the consideration and the technical issues, for instance, possible listing and coherence of information. We, therefore, learn that Boolean play an important role in search performance. As well, the search performance plays is integral in comparing and the possible search results. Hence, the performance of the search criteria depends predominantly on the helpers used for searching.

However, as purpose of quality one notes, Boolean is effective because of the strictness, in fact, as a standard industrial measure, Boolean types should be written in capitals. This help to increase the weight of the search criteria. The Boolean operator develops an algorithm hence it is much easier to integrate into the search language. This way, it is much easier to communicate the search criteria, as well reflects the proximity operators as well as increases the proximity of the search results (CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, 2017).

A Phrase that Incorporates more than 1 helper

Phrases and helpers are languages selected in key searchers. It is important to develop search criteria because of the problem of the summarization of the similarities and the possible differences in the information content available. Largely, the focus remains on the ability to retrieve documents that have the exact content. Although search engines are equally powerful given the nature of the algorithm structure, key word detects, it is important to appreciate the roles of helpers as it helps broaden or narrow down the key words search. Helpers help in summarizing as well. Abramowitz (2003) notes when summarizing multiple web pages, texts are condensed and are put in a reliable sizeable way, which eliminates possible redundancies that can be generated from the search process. Hence, for a search to materialize the phrases pinpoints to strategic help, as our following example

Public Health administration requires maximum support from Stakeholders

Our Phrase is complete, but the search should only indicate positive results if the helper Administration and the helper Stakeholder are present.

Advanced Search

From my advanced search of my subject Public Health, I centered on retrieving books and articles from 01/01/2011 - 01/01/2016. In my search, I retrieved a totality of 342457 journal articles. In a similar search, I retrieved possibly 3.681. In book category, the results were listed in order of relevance while in the journal category the results were distorted. Advanced search seems appropriate because it helps narrow down the exact article to be generated, in an event where the researcher does not have any article in mind. In addition, based on the discipline that we are engaged on; Public Health, the advanced research criteria, enables more refined results. This betters the general search result as well as increases the possibility of the appropriate article. In fact, based on the journal results, it is clear that the search criteria is appropriate, one can witness the search from the journal names. They all have public health.

Full Texts

In retrieving full texts, one realizes that there is a relationship between phrases and helpers. Naturally, there is a problem of search results. For instance, most articles being retrieved have a problem because the information is indexed and the discovery platform affects the overall search strategy. In this case, the search resources naturally depend on article citation as well the full text using aspects of searching, for instance, searching using the criteria of the title, author, subjects and abstract fields. The first article that I retrieved was the High frequency of antiviral drug resistance and on-b subtypes in HIV-1 patients failing antiviral therapy in Cuba, it is a journal article by Kouri et al.

Type of Article

The article is a journalistic publication.

Brief Summary

The article explores the emergence of HIV-1 drug resistance that limits the possible sustained benefits of limited laboratory monitoring. The focus of the article is naturally the drug resistance and subtypes of HIV-1 patients. The article conducts a survey from patients who checked in 2009-2010. The compared results between 2011-2013 indicated that there were possible mutations that were present with close to the 83.5%, 77.4% as well as 52%. In summary, the articles compared findings of the high prevalence of drug resistance indicates that the HIV-1 virus mutates/ evolves with the changes in the provisions for Anti-retroviral drugs. The article more contends that the practical access to the drug options enabled the possible virological failure. The article indicates that the ability to control



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