Benefits of an Enterprise System Solution for the CIC Company

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An enterprise system solution is a solution that mainly deals with programming and database that includes the problem of providing information to external and internal clients. These solutions include business tools such as data analytics, enterprise portals, web service implementation and applications maintenance and also their development. These solutions have predominant features such as performance, robustness, and scalability. Additionally, demand for enterprises contains interfaces for other enterprise solutions and is managed centrally (Mourshed, Farrell & Barton, 2012). The applications developed for these various types of solutions are primarily designed to improve on cost saving and to give the business staff an opportunity of focusing on the business strategies. A good enterprise solution must have characteristics such as; security whereby there should be the provision of complete protection to the information that should not be accessed. Scalability is another characteristic whereby the solutions should be able to accommodate an increase in clients.

An enterprise systems solution is fundamental since it will provide the following benefits to The CIC Company;

Firstly, these solutions will ensure CICs regulatory compliance whereby regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act demand that a significant amount of data involving the operations of accompanying should be received by investors. This information includes; inventory and assets management, properties of the business, etc. Thus enterprise system solutions can be used by CIC to ensure that the enterprise complies with the federal regulations without elimination of staff from their customer service (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright 2003). . Enterprise system solutions will also improve CICs supply chain management, by assisting g in the streamlining of this chain, in most parts through data usage about who, where, how and when customers orders are delivered. It also emphasizes the importance of using a usable format for the storage of business data. Ultimately, the possibility of streamlining the supply chain means that product delivery to customers is efficient and more reliable at a lower cost.

These solutions will also help The CIC Company to produce standardized processes whereby theres consistent customer experience that is positive. One of the advantages of real-time and full data storage, in conjunction with the implementation of ERPs, theres higher probability of assuring standardization of the experience of the customers to a higher degree. Another benefit has reduced the cost of doing business, meaning that an enterprise will free more of its budget to improve customer service capabilities or make investments in other assets that can lead to the improvement of the customer experience ( 2017). . Theres also the benefit of being able to access Real-time information when using enterprise solutions, security the data of the customers is an essential financial priority and also promotes excellent customer experience.

These solutions will also help CIC in maximizing the reliability of IT infrastructure necessary for serving customers. It directly implies that the systems will enjoy greater uptime and little downtime.' Making sure that IT systems are working correctly as close as 100% of the time creating a better customer experience. Enterprise system solutions also assist in the automation of customer service process for the employees (Mourshed et al.2012). It goes hand in hand with Enterprise Resource Planning which supports the employees to automate their customer service process.

CIC Company can use Zen desk system in supporting and improving the hiring of its employees. Zen desk will be more efficient since it is a customer serviced that is cloud based that greatly supports ticketing platforms. It increases the representatives efficiency of tackling inbound clients request regardless of the channel of communication-web, social media, email, chat or phone ( (2017). . It has the following that will be beneficial to the CIC Company. These features include Automatic answers that are provided by a powered machine-learning tool for solving and interpreting customers requests and questions).Zendesk also has Zopim which is a real time chat service and also has Zen desk voice which is built-in phone support solution that is inbuilt. According to Zen desks management, its users acquire positive ratings for more than eighty-seven percent of their customer interactions (Noe et al.2003).

How the proposed IT solution meets the requirements.


Number Requirement

Explanation of how the proposed system Meets the Requirement

U-1 The user shall access the site to find all the advertised jobs of the company The system is accessible via all the browsers on the internet. The only requirement is that the user is online. Additionally the jobs are advertised through links to the site.

U-2 User shall create a profile on the site with all requirements Users are required to create an account on the system whereby their information is recorded and verified in the database. Only after successful registration is the user able to access the system.

U-3 The user shall get notifications on the progress of his application from the site and through email notifications. A special alert feature is added on the system that synchronizes the system with devices registered to the system by users and this is crucial in delivering important messages.

U-4 The user will have privileges to manipulate his profile to fit other advertised jobs or delete his profile The system is equipped with an editing option to enable to user to correct mistakes while making an entry. Likewise a user is granted the chance to delete their profile at their own discretion.

UR-1 The system shall monitor and track developments the entire process and generate automated reports The system is configured to auto update every twenty four hours and this ensures that all developments are delivered in time. The system has backup to ensure that data is safe at all times

SS-1 User profiles shall be password protected The system has different levels of permissions required and all of them are password protected. The access to the system is thus secured in ensuring that only the right persons have the access.

SS-2 All User data collected by the firm shall be encrypted The system is equipped with a standard 128- bit encryption to ensure that data I encrypted at all times. This will ensure that data is safe as it moves over the net.

SP-1 The system shall be easy to use with a simple user interface The system is user friendly as it is customized to meet the demands of a varying number of users with different needs.

SP-2 The system shall be mobile friendly The system is compatible with the newest generation of smart phones. There is the added advantage of the phones being internet friendly and increased levels of flexibility.

SP-3 The system shall maintain data integrity at high degree The system is characterized by protocols and security features that ensure sensitive information is secured and access is limited to few individuals.

Implementation Areas

In implementing the Zendesk Saas vendor system, CIC needs to agree with the provider to secure their services. The method requires an approximate of $30000.In the implementation of the Zendesk solution, CIC will not need any hardware. In this case, both the software and hardware used by the system will be at the premises of the vendor. However, Zendesk might need the following forms of telecommunication- social media, phone, email or web. The vendor ensures CIC positive ratings for more than ninety percent of their customer interactions. The configuration will be carried out but the Zendesk employees since they are specialists in this sector.CIC will test Zendesk by creating an account on the site having all the credentials; the methods will be examined through visiting the Zendesk site using the report on the system whereby the information relayed will be verified and recorded in the database.

CIC will need to prepare its management by carrying out specialized training over a period of two or three days to make sure that they are well equipped. There will be no need to change management as the vendor is end-user oriented, the vendor will assist in managing and implementing. Theres no need to carry out intensive training the only requirement of the employees is that they are computer literate and vast in telecommunication. There will be no need for data migration when using Zendesk since it is end-user oriented. The maintenance of Zendesk will be carried out by the vendor himself.



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