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Nursing student leadership council was founded in 2013 with the main function being to foster mutual support and leadership among the nursing students. NSLC serves as the umbrella because it enhances nursing preparation and rehearse through the definition of activities as fitting progress and bolster interest and gathering of issues and events towards the human administration upgrade and determine social problems(Curtis & de Vries & Sheerin, 2011).


The vision of this organization is to envision the nursing student leadership council to uniting studies, staff, and graduated class to create the connection between all health sectors.


The mission of the nursing student leadership council is to provide encouragement and backing students undertaking nursing education.

Advantages of membership in the organization

NSLC provides several advantages to their members such as, as help with your association from the Agency of Apprentice Services, they can utilize Student association site on the nursing education sites serve, Membership and demonstration on "NSLC" to upgrade correspondence and joint effort with other nursing understudy associations to host occasions, Access to Fagin Hall spaces for gatherings and occasions and so on

For all new members are taken through orientation for them to understand vision, mission and the goals the organization.

For those members who are interested in taking part in the group, activities are required to designated and forward contact data to club officers and consultant

They are also expected to provide dynamic Club enrollment list for the present scholarly semester or year. New members are must keep up present Club constitution and Local Laws that plainly plot the structure and administration of the association. For membership, you must be undertaking the nursing program in the university or you a graduate nurse.

Topic for an upcoming meeting

In Conferences of the NSLC and staff consultant from the Agency of Apprentice Amenities will be alleged once for each month for discussing the upcoming occasions, collaboration amongst organizations, as well as with any other relevant issues. Any conclusions which need to be elected on by NSLC will be conveyed onward for the Council Assemblies. Nursing student organization leaders are stimulated to email schema for the things to Secretary in progress of the assembly.


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