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Arguments people make against gun control policy

Over the years gun control policy has faced various opposing sides in the United States. Those who argue against gun control policy forget that United States Constitution allows an American citizen to possess only licensed firearms. To this effect, those arguing against policy infringe upon the rights of the citizen to own guns for self-defense when the need arises.

Those who argue against gun control policy believe that easy access to firearms will lead to the rise of violent crimes. This proponent of the theory claims thats majority of violent crime United States arise as a result of use firearm. This data is biased and untrue because people die from other factors which do not involve the use of fire the arms.

Those who argue against gun control policy provides that widespread of firearms will make the weapon to fall into the wrong hands. But, this argument is unfounded in a sense that, the federal states have established a policy that will monitor background check of the private sale. This procedure will ensure an efficient system of regulating private transactions and the seller of the firearms will be known. What opposes needs to understand is, every federal state has had rules that assault weapons to be registered.

Often, those against gun control argue that when member of the public possess more guns, it equals levels of homicide. Proponent believes that if citizen access guns they have high chances of committing suicide. They support arguments with a perception that committing a suicide is like planning a social event, where you will have to set a date and time. However, these arguments are unfounded and baseless. Various studies have indicated that suicide is not a rational decision, but it can be viewed as something people commit on the spur of the moment.

Tying everything together

From our previous assignment, we defined gun control as the law which monitors the manufacturing, sale, and use of firearms. However, gun control policy has various opposing sides with each group having different opinions and views toward gun policy. The opposing side argues that ownership has contributed to gun-related crime, accidental injuries, and suicide. While those who support gun policy believes that gun regulation is infringing they rights. As such, federal states have adopted the different law to control guns. Washington D.C is an excellent example of countries that have strict gun control rules.

Gun policy has both positive and negative impact on the lives of Americans society. Most federal states have allowed their citizens to possess handguns if only they do not have any criminal records or any mental illness record. This record assists during illegal attacks and also deters potential criminals who may have intentions of attacking people who might use the concealed gun for self-defense. When citizens possess concealed firearms, there are less criminal attacks. Also, this policy protects women from criminals attacks that could lead to rape cases.

Violence and crimes can be reduced when the member of the society have full access to the fire arm; this is according to National Rifle Association (NRA). They argue that providing guns to law-abiding citizens the levels of crime will decreases. NRA, have supported the argument by offering statistics indicating that in 2011 united states homicide rate has decreased with notable 52 percent rate. Also, the same research has provided data that shows violent crime has dropped with astonishing figures. This decrease in the level of violent crime and homicide has been contributed by allowing law-abiding citizens to have access to guns. When the government regulates some firearms, they will only create a black market where criminals can buy illegal guns.

My last appeal on gun control

Gun policy has a massive advantage to the government through the sale of firearms. This policy has created job opportunities in the United States of America. A citizen who has employed pay taxes to the state and this has contributed widely to the growth of the economy. Gun control has also led to the development of different industries in the country.

Notably, when citizens are denied right to own guns makes the ruling government powerful. Introducing strict rules, it will end up giving the government too much power, thereby granting the government a chance to exercises tyranny. The second amendment of gun control policy offers citizens right to own guns. NRA gives the citizen a mandate to use weapons in case of tyrannical government.

What people need to understand is gun policy regulation does not deter crime but gun ownership deters crime. A study conducted by NRA stated that between 1980 to 2009 assault weapon regulation did not significantly impact murder rates as compared to those states with restrictive rules on carrying the concealed weapon, this states had high gun murder cases (Mark Gius). While gun possess has increased in the twentieth century the rate of murder has also decreased, this massive fall has been contributed by people owning guns for self-defense. According to John Lott, the author of more weapons, less crime and gun control denoted that that state with a high number of firearm ownership also has less violent crimes.

Gun control policy infringe upon the rights to self-defense as well as the sense of safety. According to NRA, guns are used for self- defense 2.5 million times a year. The police department cannot be able to protect all members of society at all times. And this indicates the reason why we need the friendly gun policy when we introduce complicated rules it will be difficult for people to protect their homes and families. According to Nelson Lund, a Ph.D. holder and professor at University of George Mason School of law stated, right to self- defense should remain fundamental because it is formed out of right to life, and so many gun rules will only interfere with ability of law-abiding civilian when the need arises to defend themselves from violent criminals. Moreover, United States Constitution states out categorically; all solid citizens allowed bear firearms for self- defense. The only thing which can stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun.

In conclusion, to make this gun control policy desired and reality, we need to disentangle ourselves from trees and pay attention at the forest. This sentiment means we need to consider the benefits which are going to be realized through gun control policy if the benefits out way the merits we need to embrace the systems. To make this policy reality we need all stakeholders to be involved in decision making concerning gun control policy. However, all citizens should be abided by NRA rules and regulations that monitor use. Also, it is vital to pay attention to the second amendment constitution.



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