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Dizadji & Anklam (2004) also added that accreditation process also increases the cooperation and also even the coordination towards other law enforcement agencies and also to other department and branches of the criminal justice department.

Accreditation also provides various agencies with a good and also a continuous flow of commission distributed ideas and even information about different policies, procedures and also various projects.

It gives trust to almost all the employees that all the specialized personnel is by the professional standards and even the achievement and that the department is fair and equitability is also maintained.

Who grants accreditation and what it means?

Dizadji & Anklam (2004) emphasizes that accreditation is an exceptional condition that is accorded to the law enforcement society via the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agency (CALEA).

Accreditation is granted by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agency (CALEA). CALEA is non-governmental and also a nonprofit organization.

Explain how well your department can evaluate how well it is doing. What is the particular measurement that will reveal how efficiently your department is performing? Consider both internal and external circumstances.

The department will evaluate how well it is doing through various means and ways which include such things like, promotion strategies for performing personnel as it will indicate the rate of development given to different individuals within the department. The ratio of the same will enable you to evaluate whether the department is doing well regarding quality performance or note.

Another significant attribute of the performance will be the general community trust and also the general public appreciation of the department work, and also the certificate of good performance from the various editing firms will enable you to build confidence in the department performance and capability in general.

Some of the specific measurement that will reveal how well the department is perfuming will be considered using both the internal and external doctors. The external factors will include the accreditation by the external editing firms of quality and proper performance of the department. The internal factors will include promotion rates and the general output of the department as compared to another unit. And also how fast the department achieved its goals and objectives.

Explain the community policing strategy that your department has adopted and explained how this new strategy affects the department's missions, goals, and procedures.

The community policing that the department has taken the: Community crime prevention strategy

The community crime prevention program or policy is mainly targeting the community development strategy such as the community infrastructure and also culture together with the physical environment to prevent or to reduce the crime rate. The various systems of approaches that the policing strategy has employed include such process as the community policing agency, neighborhood watch, and also urban or physical design n besides others such as comprehensive or multi disciplinary efforts.

The above strategy that has been put into action mainly seek to involve the community resident, the community in general and the faith based organization to implement its functions and goals of reducing crime.

The new strategy affects the department's goals, mission, and even procedures in the following ways:

The primary objectives and goals of the department are to reduce the crime rate and to create a conducive environment for the community. Also among the objectives are the purpose of building trust to the community that the department can perform it duty with most transparency.

The new policy agency has, therefore, leads to the achievement of the various goals and success of the department policy in different ways, the departments objective to reduce crime has been achieved through the involvement of the community and also the neighborhood watch system that the strategy has employed.

Recommend whether or not your department should adopt the policy that all the recruits to have a four-year college degree.

I support the policy of the department to recruit members who have attained the four-year degree cause. This is due to the fact they would have undergone the whole system of education and therefore has a lot of experience. This is opposed to the less educated recruits, and thus the job performance and also the quality of output from the department will be admirable.

The quality of output of any service also depends on the quality of education and the relevant skills that the employees have. This because skilled labor will lead to the production of quality service and therefore I support the idea of recruiting a four-year degree employees.

Explain how achieving accreditation will benefit the department.

Achieving accreditation will help the department in the following ways:

Hougland & Wolf (2017) emphasizes that the accreditation will assist the department in that it will require that all the agency policies and various procedure are put down in written form and are in one way or the other available to the urgency personnel at all the times.

The accreditation will also be of importance to the department in that it serves as an award. Which mainly symbolizes professionalism, excellence and also competence at the same time. Employees and even the department as a whole will, therefore, take their agency, bearing in mind that it represents one of the best in the law enforcement society.

The ability of the urgency will also be enhanced through increasing the employees and the department as whole confidences in its effectiveness and efficiency of their emergency. This will ensure that the operation becomes more streamlined and also consistency.

The accreditation is also important in that it the accreditation standards also addresses officer's safety and also ensure that there is the provision of adequate and proper training to the officers.

The accreditation of the department also provides all the department and all the employees that all the related aspects of the urgency personnel are in line with the professional standards and that system also is fair and equitable.



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