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In the era of the United States pioneers, guns were part of a tradition that Americans embraced. They used firearms for the purpose of hunting, sport, and protection. But as we are nearing the culmination of the 20th century, the use of these guns have significantly changed. Steady proliferation of crimes have soared, and fights have broken out on gun ownership rights. Thus, gun control remains a relatable issue that the government is battling on. The government has been trying so hard for an extended period to address gun menace related crimes. With the current laws, a more criminal background check has to be put in place to check for sales of weapons. According to Robinson (2016), there is a link between gun control policies and mass murder.

According to Robinson (2016), setting necessary laws to deal with owning and selling of guns will lead to closing and preventing loopholes that result in criminals having access to firearms. A whopping 45% decrease crime rates will be witnessed across the United States. By enforcing relevant laws on gun control regulations will see reduced gun related crimes, improved responsibility in using firearms, accountability among owners of guns and increased sense of security. Despite witnessing a lot of debate and research conducted on the element of gun control, more research has to be done on the primary cause of crime perpetration to those who possess guns. If the aspect of gun control won't be addressed; more prominent and innocent people such as President Abraham Lincoln and the 49 gay persons killed in a night club shooting by Omar Saddiqui Mateen at Orlando, and many more cases being witnessed across America.

Adopting a nationwide permit to purchase policy is the best alternative to go with when dealing with gun control laws. This method has been used elsewhere in other states, and good results have been achieved. This method is effective since it embraces the following; financial feasibility, equity, effectiveness and has political backing acceptability when dealing with gun-related transactions. By enhancing the elements mentioned above, most people who purchase guns and even dealer of firearms will be responsible for handling any issue related to guns. Hence, the adoption of a national permit policy to purchase will serve as the best alternative when dealing with gun control laws in the Unites States.



Robinson, J. L. (2016). Gunning for Gun Control: A State by State Analysis of the Effects of Gun Control Policies on Firearm Mortality Rates.


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