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The government in Utopia (hypothetical country) was created after settlers had come in the nation and taken most of its fertile lands. People came together to fight for their rights as the settlers who had taken dominion over everything agreed to let the power go. They advised the people of Utopia to elect a person of their choice that would enable them live together in harmony and one who would protect the interests of all people. The exact day the citizens of Utopia held an election was in 1860 in December.

Structure of Government

A government in the democratic nation is made after the term of one expires and is done using an election. The structure of the government as shown below illustrates the independence of each arm of government as well as their interdependence.

Further, the process of passing a law goes through the following steps before recognized in the national gazette as applicable

List of Civil Rights

Every citizen has a right to vote since it is a democracy

Every citizen has the right to stand for public office and allow the public vote them in

Every citizen has a right to associate with others as long as they do not disrupt peace in the nation

Every citizen has a right to engage with others on political matters as long as they have facts

Every person has a right to live and no political force should kill their subjects

Every citizen has a right to access public facilities whether they voted in the current leader or not

Every citizen has a right to access quality medical care facilities in any part of the country

Every citizen has a right to practice their religious beliefs as long as they do not disrupt peace

Every citizen has a right to work in any part of the nation

Every citizen has a right to earn a decent income as long as they do not tamper with other peoples businesses

All the rights exists in the nation as an illustration that all people are equal before the law.

Domestic Policies

The following policies will guide the relationship that exists between the citizens even as they engage in trade activities amongst themselves. The idea is protection of interests of every individual and encouraging trustworthy deal, which will leave every party to a contract making profits in the long-term.

Every business transaction should involve adults and terms of trade understood by each party

Every individual must sign the trade contract and ensure they honor their end. Failure to honor that will lead to compensation for the aggrieved party

Every business must remit their taxes to the relevant jurisdiction within where they exist

People living with disabilities will get tax-free capital to start businesses

Young people below thirty-five years can access funds from the government to start businesses, which they refund with a small amount on top as interest.

The domestic policies are important as they specify who can engage in a business relationship and reasons for doing that must be stipulated before. It also signifies that people with special needs can also access funds from the government as well as youths so that they can contribute to the economic stability of the nation.

Foreign Policies

The following will guide citizens as they engage in trade with other countries. It will help protect their interests and discourage illegal trade activities amongst business partners across borders.

All citizens should only deal with legal products as stipulated in the Constitution when engaging with other countries

Every contract must have terms and conditions that both parties should meet

Ensure that every person signs their document in a contract and goes with a copy of the same

Conduct honest trade activities that will earn the country foreign income

Adhere to trade rules when entering any contract with an outsider

The policies are important, as they will help educate citizens in the country on how to get into lucrative business contracts that serves their interests. Foreign trade activities must derive some form of income for the citizens and must ensure they only get in contracts that are legally recognized through the agreement they sign. The hypothetical government will survive through the power of the people and their ability to reason together. The president through the power of the Constitution will appoint people who will take up the decision-making process in case disasters occur. He will lead by example through active participation in leading recovery and response teams. One of the policies that government the hypothetical government is allowing nature takes its course but controlling the amount of damage, it causes to the environment. My Personal feelings about this project is that it allowed me to be creative and use my imagination to think of the best form of government which can lead people in the best possible way. Some of the struggles that I had included researching from diverse sources to understand how a democratic government functions. I enjoyed using my own words while writing this project.


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