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The different dirt bike riding events are essential to bike riding fanatics. These events include Supercross, motocross, enduro racing and trials (Andrew). They all involve a whole lot of dirt and motorbike riding professionals, but there are differences from the arenas, bikes used and the timing. This paper will look at the similarities and differences between enduro racing and supercross.

Both Supercross and enduro racing involve high jumps, whoops, and lots of turns and curves (Peterson). In motocross, the race is done in an arena which has been modified to have a lot of hairpin turns and jumps. In enduro racing, the rider takes on a track which equally has a lot of jumps, turns, and curves. Secondly, the participants in both races are professionals because of the technical and tedious nature of the race. It requires someone who is confident on a motorbike and knows how to maneuver turns and curves (Andrew). Moreover, they are both competitions as a winner is selected at the end of the race based on the finishing time or points garnered during the race. Lastly, they both use 450cc motorbikes because of their large tanks and size. These riders need this motorbike because it has a big tank. Therefore, it can go for several laps or a longer distance before there is need to refill (McGrath).

Enduro racing is carried out on a track or a predetermined terrain while supercross is carried out in a stadium which has been designed primarily for the race (Andrew). Enduro racing is an endurance type of training as the name suggests between the rider and the terrain, while supercross is a competition to see who comes out first. Enduro training is psychologically and physically challenging because one has to go through the uneven ground while supercross is only mentally challenging (Andrew). The supercross track is clear of low hanging branches, logs, rocks, gullies while an enduro racing track is uneven and the rider has to bear with branches, rough ground, and streams (McGrath). One supercross race is twenty laps long while an enduro race is three hours long through terrain, rivers, streams, and creeks (LaPlante). On some occasions, one enduro race can go on for days, and the participants often have to bring additional equipment, spare parts and an extra tank of gas while supercross only lasts one day (Peterson). A supercross series has seventeen races, and the winner is determined through the points each rider gets all through the race (McGrath). Furthermore, enduro bikes are 450cc but different from the ones used in supercross because they have larger tanks and higher suspension. Lastly, supercross can use both 450cc and 250cc bikes while all enduro races only use 450cc bikes (McGrath).

In conclusion, both enduro and supercross racing is done by motorbike-riding professionals, but the venue and the method of racing are different. Enduro is more tasking because it requires one to make decisions in the blink of an eye because of the uneven terrain. Supercross is done in an arena and involves a lot of practice so as to master the hairpin curves and jumps. Depending on the terrain, enduro racing can go on for days, and the rider has to be smart and plan ahead on the supplies he might need in case they run out.

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