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The current trends in information and communication technologies have changed the face of communication around the world. Today, information communication technologies are gradually replacing face-to-face communication. As far as the technology has proven to reduce the world into a global village to facilitate communication, these technologies have a great impact on the dynamics of face-to-face communication. Some of the options that have replaced face-to-face communication include text-messaging, email, social media chats, voice calls and video calls. This paper will discuss how this development in the ICT sector has negatively impacted the dynamics of face-to-face communication.

One of the major aspects that are eroded or likely to be eroded by the ICT is interpersonal communication skills. To understand this point, it will be important to review the critical points linked to face-to-face communication. A face-to-face communication process entails three basic elements which are feelings, message and motivation. These are skills that can only be gained through an apprenticeship in that people learn from doing as well as from others. This implies that addiction to online communication can negatively affect the acquisition of these basic skills. It is paramount to acknowledge that techniques used to communicate on social media platforms are different from the techniques used in face-to-face communication.

The increasing connections with communication technology gadgets such as mobile phones have been linked to the dissociative disorder. These options in of communication tend to dissociate individuals from the societal fabrics. As a result, people only become reliant on online communication due to their mental orientation which can also be regarded as a mental disorder. Most people attached to the social media platforms would prefer to use these platforms even when chatting with people in the same room. Today, it is not surprising to witness everybody on a commuter train or bus busy on communicating using their phones rather than face-to-face with the people sitting next to them. The technology has reduced the socializing ability of people, and this has serious repercussions to the current and future generations. As a result, many people who avoid face-to-face communication become shy and unable to integrate into the society.

Creativity is also lost whenever people overlook face-to-face communication approaches. As mentioned before, communication entails a message which must be delivered using different approaches. Lack of face-to-face communication also affects other important skills such as delivery of the public speech. People may lack the techniques of using facial expression and other body movements to facilitate message delivery. This is an art that is gained through practice and may vary depending on societies and time. Skills used in public speaking can well be nurtured through face-to-face communication. It is also important to note that people who avoid face to face communication may also fail to perform in a negotiation situation. Face-to-face communication engages two or more people and in the process negotiation skills can be attained. Other skills that can be lost if people do not engage in face-to-face communication include convincing skills, presentation skills, inquiry techniques, poetic techniques and response approaches.

It is evident that the face is the most powerful social tool that human beings have and its power cannot be compared to ICT tools. Whenever people choose not to communicate face-to-face, they lose the basic techniques of communication and also affects the social and psychological well-being. Many skills of communication such as public speaking, negotiating and bargaining are lost.

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