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The famous businessman Donald J. Trump recently bagged the chance to take office as the forty-fifth president of the United States of America, a move that left a majority of the Americans and the citizens of the world at large in wonders. This happened to be so, as they could not believe what they were seeing and hearing on the news for a moment. Maybe their left eyes were playing tricks with their right eyes at that moment, maybe not! Possibly, maybe their left ears were playing games with their right, or maybe not! For a short while, the whole world took the time to fully consume the information that was being provided by the media and also to accept the facts that were at that particular time.

Some of the non-believers of the Donald Trump reign took to the streets to demonstrate the current situation as at that time, but the big question according to sources:, was WHY? Was he such a bad guy? Was this about his hairstyle or was it about the fact that he was a germ phobic teetotaler who lived in a huge tower and traveled across the world in a huge get labeled Trump? Was it such an embarrassment to work with and for him?

Was it because his melanin level was low and he was pigmented white, unlike the former president? But why could the whole world give such a focused, powerful businessman the chance to lead, only to boo him at the accomplishment of his dream and the beginning of his reign?

According to sources, the newly elected president of the United States of America might be a little bit stubborn at striving to achieve his goals, but he is not a bad guy at all and the Americans know better. He 0just wants to put his beloved country back in line as he strives to put the interests of all the Americans first. Through his first two weeks in office, he has demonstrated undisputable ambition by doing the unexpected. He has discovered a planet through his team of scientists at N.A.S.A. Yes, a planet that could possibly support life!

Once again; according to sources, the Trump is claimed to be a true American with an American spirit. Born and bred in New York City, his parents took him to New Forest School at a tender age of about thirteen years old. He qualified to join Wharton School of finance at the famous University of Pennsylvania where he studied economics.

He further advanced to other schools such as the New York Military Academy and Forham University. All this in a bid to assure himself that he was ready to take on the world because he was Donald Trump, the son of Mr. Fred Trump and Marry Anne.

In spite of having demonstrated such a get-up-and-go mentality and tremendous achievements in office as the president, Donald Trumps lifestyle has not all been a bed of roses all through. He has really struggled with making tough leadership decisions in his business decisions, he has become bankrupt one too many times. He has always made sure that he invested regularly using the profits that he received from his many businesses in real estate, from his fathers company, Elizabeth, Trump, and Son, from his Casino business venture, from his Studio apartment.

Speaking of making America great, the man Donald Trump has done wonderfully in his two weeks tenure in office despite just discovering another new planet that could support the survival of humanity in the near future just in case we fill the earth top the brim. He has banned illegal immigration into and out of his beloved country America. A decision that has affected so many people all over the world, but it is all for a good course, for a better America, according to his speech which was broadcasted by media houses all over the world through social media.

Matters Economics

In matters economics, Donald Trumps reign immediately boosted the improvement of the New York Stock market exchange as was reported by social media sources. The U.S Dollar has become stronger again and people are wondering how he did it so fast.

He has even gone a step further to sign a bill that withholds the disbursement of funds by civil servants without the parliaments approval. If the world looks at it very keenly, it is all because he does not want his beloved country to become bankrupt out of making poor decisions like he did, decades back then when he was still an amateur in business.


Moving on, when it comes to trade, Trump has made tremendous improvements over his two-week tenure in office, all for the betterment of his country. He has confidently approved for the withdrawal of his country from the Trans-Pacific partnership which is a globalist bill. This means that America will no longer tolerate the reckless testing of missiles like Iraq did, and this is all for the betterment of the whole world.

Matters Military

Lastly; on matters military, the president has signed a document that is said to be a memorandum, which will allow the U.S people to rebuild their army. This was documented in the article; Donald Trump signs three executive memos. CBS News. January 23, 2017. Retrieved January 23, 2017.This way; the whole world will be safe, having known that the most powerful country in the whole world has a very strong army that can also protect them in case one country miscellaneously attacks another in a bid to test and prove their superiority. This way, the world will indeed be a better place. All hail to Donald Trump.

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