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Technology has been changing every day, and the different mobile development companies have been doing there best to have the leading brand in the market. Samsung and Apple are some of the leading brands in the market in the development of mobile phones and this year both companies have released several brands in the market. Samsung has released its new Samsung Galaxy Note8 while iPhone has released the new iPhone 8. Both gadgets have been built with the leading technology which makes everyone desire to have their hands on either one of them or both.

Both phones have been loaded with a ton of features starting with physical as well as software features which have been aimed at delivery the best service to the customer. To help one pick the best product it is important to review the difference between the feature both phones have to offer and in the paper, we will get to review some of these functionalities on both of the phones. Samsung Galaxy Note8 has an infinity that has been termed as larger than life (Kim et al., 2017). The phone has a screen size of 6.3" which has been expressed as the larges Not screen ever designed. With such a huge screen it has been designed to fit perfectly on the hand of the user comfortably. iPhone 8 has also made serious designs on the new display of the gadget where the screen uses light sensing technology with an expansive color spectrum to make everything on the screen appear more natural as well as the feel when operating the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been developed with a camera that delivers a crisp photo even in the dark and even when it is hard to keep the phone steady. The phone has been designed with a dual camera which gives a wide-angle camera which also comes with a low light capability. It is also designed with a 2X optical zoom which enables the user to capture far and near picture as well as the optical image stabilizer which helps one get steady shots (Kim et al., 2017). On the other hand, iPhone 8 has made serious changes to its new camera by introducing new sensors on the camera and powered it with an A11 Bionic. It has been designed for the most immersive and incredible augmented reality experience. iPhone 8 has also been designed with the latest wireless features such as the wireless charging and earphones which have made the phone stand out in the market as it cannot be compared to any other brand. They have capitalized on the growing needs of the users to have more wireless devices. Samsung has also redesigned what the user can accomplish with the S Pen by adding the new features such as drawing emojis, messages on a picture, as well as sending handwritten notes to different users (Kim et al., 2017).

Both phones are currently the leading phones in terms of performance. Note 8 has been fitted with a high performing 10nm mobile processor and 6GB RAM which makes the phone run smoothly with the ability to run multiple processes simultaneously. Also, just as iPhone 8 they have added the wireless charging feature (Kim et al., 2017). iPhone as also managed to have the most powerful and intelligent chip. The phone has been fitted with A11 Bionic which is the most powerful and smartest chip of all the chips running on the other smartphones.When choosing the best gadget in relation to phones, it is important to consider the main purpose of the phone. This helps you pick the phone which is in line with your requirements in our case an art student would need the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dues to it S Pen features as well as its strong camera. These features, as well as the high-performance capability of the phone, makes it the best choice for the student. While on the other hand while when advising a salesman for a high-tech machine tool company it would be advisable for him or her to go for the iPhone 8 since it has more reliable features such as the charging system of the phone as well as representation of the user to its client (Stone & Choi, 2013). The phone also has high-performance capabilities which will help the user deliver his\her work with no worries of minor issues such as slow response.

Conclusively, the rate at which the technology is changing there is a very thin line between the two compared gadgets; this leaves the users going after the brand that they believe in the most. And when choosing the right cell phone, it's always wise to consider the intended use of the gadget



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