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Chernobyl Heart is a documentary coined by Maryann DE Leo in 2003. The documentary has won various academy awards. In the firm, De Leo conducted his work in Ukraine and Belarus together with Adi Roche, the founder of Children of Chernobyl project. The main aim was to observe the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the health of children in the area. Even aftermath many children are still suffering from Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Cardiac degradation conduction has developed among many children in this area. The terrible impacts of the radiation are significantly observed in the high level of heart conditions, congenital disabilities and abnormalities, and cancer among the population that was living around the damaged facility.

The film substantially dwells and opens up an exclusive zone, where the environment had significantly been affected by the radioactive. Roche, the filmmaker travel in Belarus which was the home to many children adversely impacted by the radiation and intended to assist them. The film reveals that those individuals hardest hit by the radiation incorporate thyroid cancer patient and children succumbing from unfathomable congenital birth and heart defects. The film observed that despite 99% of the area being contaminated by radioactive, majority of people were not willing to abandon their homes (MALKO, 7). The residents were reluctant to leave their homes as they expressed it is hard to get a job in other regions and abroad. The filmmaker sympathized with the children who were born with holes in hearts as they got assistance from the non-profit organization and international heart foundation.

The radioactive leaked from the nuclear plant disaster has affected and will continue affecting many people like nature, and human recourses may take many years to eliminate radioactive from the environment in the affected areas. Considering the suffering families and children have been subjected, it is paramount to ensure the safety and standards of the nuclear plants are adhered and observed to curb its disastrous effects on humanity. Despite the fact that nuclear energy is regarded as very clean, its crucial to ensure that all loophole that would cause leakage is detected and adjusted immediately to avoid the accident that has the adverse impact on the population.

Several points have been depicted by the filmmaker in the documentary

The film has brought out the plight of many children who have been born with defects and succumbing to various diseases like cancer as a result of radioactive. This has brought a lot of misery among the families as getting medical assistance for some condition is difficult.

The filmmaker has also demonstrated how to maintain the treatment of this condition is expensive. In fact, most of the patient has been isolated, and most assistance has been coming from the internal organization and free world doctors. The film would have suggested the remedy of this problem as people will continue suffering until these radioactive elements are eliminated from the environment.

The filmmakers did great work in presenting their work. Notably, they have highlighted the damage the disaster has done to the environment. Moreover, the filmmaker has gone ahead to portray children and individuals succumbing different challenge contributed by the radioactive and the attempts the medical practitioner are making in trying to assist the patient demonstrating there was not bias.

The documentary has illustrated crucial points on what caused the nuclear plant disaster and the ultimate impacts it caused to the environment.

First, the documentary shines some light that poor design and structure of the reactor was a primary reason behind the accident. This was further accompanied by poor communication that significantly contributed to the radioactive leakage.

The filmmaker has recommended that good design and appropriate design are crucial solutions to future operation of nuclear plants. It's also paramount to enlighten the population around the nuclear plant to take cautious and vacate immediately in the event of a radioactive leakage.

Immediately after the occurrence of the accident, out of 231 people who were hospitalized, 31 died directly as a result of radiation (United Nation, 11). More than four hundred thousand people have also died as a result of the long-term effects of the radiation. The rate of cancer in the area has increased by more than 2300%. People in the area cannot take milk and eat fish as the radiation is still absorbed from the ground.


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