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Business plan
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The Business Model and Strategy

The organization aims to create value by addressing clinical needs and ethical questions. Creative concepts are challenged as research and development teams are tasked to produce drastic yet ethically sound technology (Elton & O'Riordan, 2016). Technology delivery shall concern mandating an individual with specific focus to respond to identified needs. The identification and response to needs and controversial questions will capture value without introducing. The organization aims to engage target market in the designing of technology to ensure that the solutions are unique to client needs. Such differentiation should bare positive impact on customer retention and inspire market dominance.

Market Outlook

Expected market share is 20% of the Nations clinical health institutions. The anticipated competition includes IBM WatsonPaths and Zephyr Health. The two artificial intelligence technology companies focus on improving clinical diagnosis processes. The organizations target market includes clinics and hospitals within the United States of America. Beyond packaging the disruptive technology in an exciting manner, the organization aims to engage in robust media campaigns and to explore health conferences as an opportunity to reach out to industry stakeholders.

Development and Commercial Barriers

The organization anticipates some challenges in technology development and deliver. Regulatory requirements shall be considered from product development stage to marketing. FDA guidelines shall be observed to ensure that the compliance authority finds the technology acceptable. Market adaptation challenges shall be addressed by responding to client feedback and incorporating the recommended changes in a progressive manner. Technology licensing should prove useful in attending to growing demand. The delicate nature of healthcare innovation shall be checked to ensure that client safely prevails and the product addresses patient privacy and moral queries.

Implementation Plan

The implementation of machine learning technology will begin with the definition and assessment of ethical questions. Identification of appropriate technology parameters shall occur. Selection of technology algorithms and subsequent assessment of implementation outcomes subject to anticipated impact on client needs form the final stage of implementation.

Technology Maturity

Technology maturity concerns market and innovation responsiveness (Albert, 2016). The markets perspective of innovation plays a crucial role in implementation success since client acceptance of technology implies business accomplishment. Innovation responsiveness aspects concern the readiness of inventions to respond to specific needs and subject qualifications of technology. Mature technology facilitates identified tasks while presenting minimal challenges.



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