Biblical Integration Paper: Brains versus Machines in Organizations

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Organizations are considered to be complex, and thus its understanding can be in different perspectives. Some people might view the organization as the use of machines while others might view it as use of human brains. In the modern business environments, machines dominate the management thinking in that several processes are executed through the utilization of machines. Many organizations emphasize on the growth and expansion, and they believe that through the adaptation of the machines in their operations, they will be in the position to accomplish such (Miller, 2014). Through the human brains, organizational machines are made to work efficiently and execute their activities more effectively. For example, computers are programed by use of human brains to ensure that everything they undertake conforms to the goals and objectives of the company. It is known that machines and brain thinking have dominated the modern world. Individuals are expected to operate like clockwork, follow the procedure and rules of doing it and eventually mechanized that to achieve quality goods and services promptly. Therefore, it can be argued that organizations are machines where people provide thinking that is incorporated in machine operations.

Organizational structures in the Bible do not necessarily need to tie to the scripture. It is because all the religious settings need to change their particular organizational structure. Religions need to have godly accountability and leadership. In every religion there is no perfect organization structure in every stage and in every place of its life that is good for the church. However, the Bible is divided into two testaments that are organized by genre but not in chronological order as brains and machines that are needed to work effectively and efficiently for a common goal. It is also divided further into verses and chapters. Its organizational structure is divided into Old Testament and New Testament. In the Old Testament, it contains the agreements that God made to the people of Israel. It is in the book of "Jeremiah 31:31 34". On the other hand, the New Testament is the final and new agreement sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ that was spilled. This is pointed out by Jesus Christ Himself in the book of "Luke 22:20". Machines and brains work differently for the common goal as evident in the organizational structures of the Bible such as verses and chapters.

The analysis of the organization's structure in today's lives is of great importance in every developmental structure for its efficiency and effectiveness. Today, most people in the society consider organizational structure as a matter of choice depending on their particular needs. Organizational structure is dependent on the development and the expression of the behavior and strategies of the workers and the management as constrained in the distribution of power amongst themselves and influenced by their outcome and the environment (Miller, 2014). Most organizations around the world today figure out quickly trying to seek alternatives to organizational structures. Every organization is seeking to flatten out its structure but not more layers and bureaucracy. It tends to function in modern life as brains and machines because it simplifies and make work easier in a particular organization. The greatest strength in every organization structure is that it is so reliable in maintaining the status quo of the management structure.

In conclusion, the knowledge of organization and brains is important with regards to the supply chains contracts management organization in that it enables the delivery of quality services to the customers. Through the knowledge, such organization can operate their supply chain activities more efficiently and can thus engage proper decision-making process that yields accurate outcomes (Miller, 2014). Furthermore, the knowledge enables the supply chain organization to link with the outside world, and it can, therefore, understand the needs of its customers.



Miller, Katherine (2014). Organizational communication: Approaches and processes. Nelson Education.


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