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The best way to use the Central Plaza is of significant importance to the city council and the residents of the town. The city council would wish to get maximum profits from the guest who often visits the city. Every measure taken must be adequately analyzed in order to ensure that the decision made concerning who should visit the park is useful. The visitors whether local youths who play skateboard or foreign who come for leisure at the park needs to be encouraged by the city council. The city council decides to keep off the skateboarders from the Central Plaza on the basis of it being the reason behind the low turnout of visitors. This assignment is a response on the decision made to keep away the skateboarders to increase the number of visitors in the Central Plaza.

The skateboarders must always be allowed to come and play in the Central Plaza since they seem not to influence the number of visitors who come to the Plaza. It is a fact that the dirt around the park contributes to the low visitors turnout. The litters could be brought about by the skateboarders. However, this is a failure on the side of the City Council who are responsible for maintaining cleanliness around the park. The city council ought to be accountable for keeping litter bins around the park to facilitate easy waste disposal. Using litter bins would help reduce the blame on the skateboarders about the litters.

On the contrary, the impact of the skateboarders on the presence of the visitors is an important issues to consider. The belief is that visitors get scared because of the high number of skateboarders around the park. Even though this could be close to the reality, the skateboarders could also be a good entertainment for the visitors.

In conclusion, the city council should not ban the skateboarders from accessing the central plaza. However, they should provide bins for maintenance of cleanliness. Moreover, the skateboarders should be allowed to always visit on condition that they would always maintain cleanliness. The visitors are encouraged to visit with the promise of watching free entertainment from the skateboarders who are friendly.

Balmer Island Gazette

The summer holidays are some of the most interesting periods for people all over the globe. This period is often set aside for families and fun. A travel destination must be able to provide both fun and safety of the tourists it absorbs. Balmer Islands being one of the traveling goals must be able to achieve the purpose of providing the enjoyment and security to its visitors. It is upon the city council officers to ensure that the Island meets the expectation of the visitors who come each season regarding security and services offered.

The assumption, in this case, is that reducing the number of bicycles for hire and moped would lead to significant reduction in the number of accidents experienced in this locality. This is true, and its application in the island would contribute to the safety of the visitors. On the other side, the visitors would love to have bike riding sessions and the mopeds for the period they would stay around the island. The items for fun must be sufficient for all the visitors while at the same time the city council must provide measures for security regarding health. Probably, the city council would consider creating an ample space somewhere around the islands for the cyclist to spend time every time they visit the island. This would ensure that the number of visitors remains constant since the services they would require are well provided.

In conclusion, even though the reduction of the bicycle renting and mopeds renting company reduction to 50 and 30 per day respectively would be useful for the reduction in the number of accidents. If this assumption proved unwarranted, it is possible also to assume that the island would make significant losses due to the fact the guests would be reducing at the island since they would not be offered enough activities for having fun while on holiday at the highland. Reduction in the number of the companies also means that the island is not safe regarding security and this would also contribute to loss of visitors in the island.

3. Recommendation from Manager of Monarch Book

The success of a bookstore depends not only on the number of books offered in its shelves but also on the profits it makes at the end of every fiscal year. The bookstores must always maintain the customers made they have at the bookstores despite an increment in the number of competitors in the business. `the assumption in the case of this recommendation is that replacing the childrens books section with a cafe, Monarch bookstore would be in a position to increase profit and ward off all the competitors in the provision of the books. This assumption is based on the fact the number of the children according to statistics is on a constant decline.

The profits that would be made from the cafe is not a guarantee given that this a new business venture the bookstore wish to get into for the benefits of their potential clients. There could be possible competitors in the sector of offering cafeteria services thus Monarch Books business is not guaranteed of the percentage that would be made regarding the profits in the company. This, therefore, means that replacement of the student's section with a cafe may not be a possible opportunity since its advantages and the disadvantages have not been weighed. The bookstore could have the option of changing the books offered to compete appropriately with Book and Bean.

The evaluation of the possibility of making from profits from the books against the entrance into the business of preparing tea has to be appropriately re-evaluated. Probably the bookstore could consider offering a new kind of books that would attract the right consumers on the current changing business environment. In any case, if the business would be able to scare away the competitors then there will be no need to reconsider the decision. The assumption that changing from the bookstore for kids to cafe is not feasible after unless proven by the real issues in the market.

4. Article by Dr, Karp, and an anthropologist

The matters of parenting are of vital importance to the healthy development of children in any village or environment. Part of the identity of children emanates from the fact that they are aware of their biological parents. This is the case with Tertia village where the anthropologist possible assumed that since the children spent most of the time with the other member of the town, they could likely lose touch with their real identity which comes from their biological parents. Research from the team of the graduate research reveals a different situation from Dr. Karp's belief is indicating a possible error in this opinion or need to identify an essential factor of parenting especially in this kind of villages.

The research by the team of the university graduates leads to the assumption that despite the common parenting strategy, children are often made aware of their due identity by the identification of their biological parents. This is the only possible way of making the children have the idea of real father planted in their tender hearts and minds. Moreover, it is possible that despite the massive attention from everyone within the society, their parents could be only people tasked with the duty of punishing them. From the experience of growing up, fathers are often respected and feared because they are in most cases, excellent disciplinarians. This could be the surest means of which the community in Tertia could be used to ensure that the children are aware of their biological parents. Another possible assumption is that strong bonds often exist between the parents are their children thus the communication about the biological fathers.

The conclusion by Dr. Karp is invalid since he did not look at the real issues in the lives of the members of this village. The new research focuses on the reality on the ground, and it makes it possible to discover more new issues that could be related to this topic of parenting around the village where children are communally rather than individually owned. More focused research would help to come up with the reality of the new assumption identified in this village.

5. Memorandum from Happy Pancake House Restaurants

The items with interchangeable names often bring a lot of confusion in any business environment. While some people can use the names interchangeably to mean the other thing, other people often do not know the difference that exists between these items, for instance, the case of butter and margarine at Happy Pancake House Restaurant.

It is assumed that the 98 percent of the people who do not complain when offered margarine instead of butter could be unaware of the differences that occur between the two. On the contrary, it is also possible that they could be just ignorant of the differences between butter and margarine,

Some of the questions to ask is that, how many of the customers could be assuming the switch of margarine with butter? This would help to identify the percentage of the customers who may complain in the future and thus stop coming to the restaurant. Probably the first time the clients may assume, but, what if nets time they complain? Could this make them lose trust in the service of the restaurant? How much profits would be made from this switch if the two percent of the consumers withdraw from the restaurant?

Answering this questions would prepare the organization for future eventualities that would make the restaurant know its place with regards to the profits made in every fiscal year. The questions would help to give a projection of the position of the restaurant in future. Moreover, it would be useful for the determination of the importance of this business in the long and short-term thus maintenance of the profits made by the organization.

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