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What is the reason Sawhill is regularly running out of towels?

In my opinion, I believe Sawhill is regularly running out of towels because the employees take more than enough time to wash the towels. It is also fundamental to note that they take more time in drying as well as fold the towels. Moreover, the time for waiting for twenty towels is one hour and forty minutes. Also, this is made a slow process since only one employee is assigned to do the activities for that area. The drying period for these towels is such a time consumer as well as the folding period which needs some considerable reduction of time.

What is the cycle time of the current washing drying folding process? What should the cycle time be in order to meet towel demand?

A cycle time is determined or rather ascertained by the longest period to establish the completion of a whole batch of anything being handled and in this case towels. In this scenario, the dryer has indicated a time frame of an hour to finalize the batch. It implies that the cycle of the time is described as one hour for every batch of twenty towels. It means the premise is only getting only ten towels every fifty minutes and consequently, only sixty are produced in one hour. This process defiantly needs to speed up to meet the demand of customers. Precisely, period the machine in this situation uses twenty minutes as per load, sixty minutes to render them dry, and another one hour of the folding period for sixty towels.

For this premise to meet the demand as required, the time for the cycle or rather the size of the batch of the block operation should be enhanced. Therefore, with a batch size of say twenty, this particular dryer would require a cycle period of twenty-five minutes. It is also plausible to split the activities into smaller units. These smaller units would require more employees. Take, for instance; the drying process should be a unit on its own with another employee. Therefore, a recommendation of recruiting more productive employees is fundamentally right.

Will purchasing an additional washer and dryer solve the problem? How will the cycle time change with an additional washer and dryer? Suggest a solution to the problem.

In my opinion, I believe purchasing another washer and dryer would not solve the problem at hand/service problem. One would still be required to wait for the similar time cycle to process to complete with the same backlog being the key matter in the procedure of if one employee is controlling the towels at the club. However, the cycle time may change if one considers a purchase of new washer. It is because one would be in a position to put in an effort to load towels in one dryer while having to multitask or use the help of another employee with the folding process on the just dried batch. My overall opinion is that the problem can find a solution if the process is eliminated and the task is assigned to a laundromat company that is suited to do this kind of activities in a professional manner. This company should be paid and also obligated to deliver these towel on a progressive and continuous basis to the club. This was, the club would have enough personnel to direct their efforts to other aspects of the club, and this would enhance their productivity and save the club money on the possibility of buying more washer and dryers.


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