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Parents find it a mystery trying to understand the unpredictable and incomprehensible moods and also the behaviors of the American Teenager. The older generations have been attempting to link and relate the cause of these actions and attitudes to hormones, the influence of rock music, drugs and also boredom.

The Inside the Teenage Brain documentary from the Frontline chronicles is an account of scientists trying to explore the recesses of the teenage brain to find the reasons for their behaviors. The brain undergoes widespread changes at puberty hence most people tend to link the difference in reactions to hormones.

Teens usually do not get enough sleep, and these sleep debts affect the ability of the teens to learn new materials and retain as well as influences their behavior and mood changes. Scientists have therefore concluded that to control the mood and behavior change of the teens is for parents to spend quality and generous time with their children.

Personal Thoughts and Reflections

In my opinion, the changes in behavior and moods of the teens can be controlled by the older generation setting an excellent example to the young people. Parents, teachers and other adults in the society were once teenagers and should know the troubles that are brought about by the period of adolescence hence should not blame the teens but tolerate them and lead them in the right direction.

Interesting and Thought Provoking Discussion Question

Questions provoking discussions are that where are there a group of teenagers who have a composed personality and mature character as compared to others. Some people argue that this difference is brought about by various factors such as culture, environment, peer pressure and upbringing.

Reading 1: The Myth of Teen Brain

Summary Points

The incompletely developed brains of the teens have been thought to cause the emotional problems and also the irresponsible behavior of teenagers. This has led to numerous studies of the brain activity as well as the anatomy of brains of teens to prove that their minds work differently when performing various tasks.

These findings are partially correct since individuals genes and the environment affects ones behavior but other factors like culture make a considerable contribution. Studies show that some teens have extraordinary potential that is more than that of adults but is often not expressed since teenagers are infantilized and also isolated from the adults.

When teenagers are treated with respect and like adults, they immediately rise to the challenge and become responsible persons. The myth of the immature brain of teens should be replaced with a look at the capabilities of teens in history.

Personal Thoughts and Reflections

I believe that the notion that teens are always immature and irresponsible is just a myth as we see some teens with extraordinary abilities that are superior to adults. Therefore, teenagers should be given a chance to express themselves as they try to find their true identity.

Interesting and Thought Provoking Discussion Question

The exciting thought and the question are that why is there a considerable difference in the personality and capabilities of teenagers. This is because various factors are in play which includes genetics and environment among others.

Reading 2: No Remorse; Annals of Justice

Summary Points

Dakotah who is a teenager wants to commit suicide just because one of his friends had killed himself and also his girlfriend had dumped him. He then decides that he should not die. Hence he shoots his grandfather.

Dakotah feels sorry and wishes he can take everything back. But it is too late as his grandfather is in the hospital in a critical condition.

He is to be prosecuted in a court of law as an adult with homicide as he is slightly over fourteen years. He is given a fair trial and sentence as he is found to be depressed.

Personal Thoughts and Reflections

I believe that the society should know the pressure that is brought about by adolescence hence teens should not be judged harshly. Depression is what might have make Dakotah suicidal and also dangerous to others.

Interesting and Thought Provoking Discussion Question

The thought that provokes a discussion question is whether the teenagers should be tried in the same court under the same conditions. Teenagers should have their separate courts and jails. Analysis

Both readings and the video have a common message that although teenagers are moody and show unwarranted behavior, they can be responsible hence needs to be given a chance and guidance in the right direction.

The video and the readings illustrate that teenage developmental stage is faced with many challenges hence understanding and guidance is needed from the older generation.


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