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Article 1: Patient perception of nursing service quality

This article is written by Hideyuki Kobayashi and focuses on the perceptions that patients have on the quality of service delivered by the nursing professionals. To begin with, the author concentrates on the nursing profession as a labor-intensive business that requires the predominant engagement of personnel with a high level of dedication to work. Besides, the author recognizes the existence of a mechanism that is meant to enhance the evaluation of nurses based on standard measurements. The author seeks to classify and confirm the specific experiences of the patients about their nursing professional care.

The perspective of this view based on the donabelian's structure process outcomes Model that are used for enhancing the quality of services delivery by nurses. In this article, the measures of quality of services by the patients based on values such as accessibility to the nurses, expertise, and skills, essential care, emotional support, post-discharge support and pain management among others. These variables based on the donabedian's three approaches model. The patients' experiences evaluated while those aspects that were linked with quality of services were repositioned and classified under donabedian's structure-process-outcomes.

Article 2: Nursing Practice and Work Environment

This article focuses on the manipulation of healthcare equipment to enhance service delivery by the nursing professionals. Individuals who subscribe to hospital services have expectations not only to the open services but also on the quality of care. Practical use of medical equipment as demonstrated in this article could lead to enhanced care delivery. In particular, this article shows an incidence in which a patient was admitted to hospital with a serious diabetic condition. In essence, the nurse made a clear mistake while using the hospital equipment, a glucometer to monitor the patient's glucose level.

Such medical errors are very critical as they resulted in undertaking wrong procedures in the treatment of the condition which did not only increase the patient's cost of therapy but also endangered her life. While the nurses or human resource may be correct in the monitoring and use of healthcare equipment, the accuracy of the equipment is an important aspect as shown in the article. For instance, lack of precision and correct report generation was responsible for deteriorating condition of the patient while the nurse has been making correct inferences from the glucometer. The sequence of wrong outcomes of the glucometer as shown in this article were not based on the negligence of the nurse but rather the erotic equipment that posted false information thus, misleading the nurse to take illegal action.

Article 3: The Quality Caring Nursing Model

This section provides a process of selection and use of the quality, caring nursing model. It involves the selection of different variables that are essential for the determination of the quality of nursing care delivery. First, a selection team was created for evaluating theoretical framework of the professional practice models of the nursing department. The article further describes the selection process undertaken in the Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics (CMH&C), which constitutes of conceptual models based on theories. Besides, conceptual aspects are also integrated to assist nurses in producing an assessment plan and further execute an effective patient care through provision of a framework for operating in and achieving seamless and uniform care services.

A model is a product that enables the nursing professionals to integrate certain concepts of care into their daily operation. Furthermore, these products reduce over-reliance on medical equipment that at times may result in inaccurate data evaluation and result postings. Finally, the article concludes that the basis of care provided by the healthcare professionals is anchored on the link between physicians and the patients.



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