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By looking at us, its evident human beings are different in many ways. The most outstanding difference easily justifiable is that of gender. Human beings are either male or female, but beyond sex, disagreements erupt. To best understand the variance present, first, the term human being is defined. It is a living being that leaves under existing pressures which force one to seek necessity such as food, clothes, shelter, tools, and medicine for survival (Vogle 20). The environmental stress created by the nature force people to seek amenities and attempt to survive the pressure of the universe by designing a spectrum of values which define actions. Human beings, unlike other animals, can reason, while animals and other creatures use perception and sensory experience. Other world creatures learn from birth to adjust to what is available. They consume whats presented and at a time use force to acquire (Schultz, 79). Human beings, however, they are limited to such advantages, they are not designed to contest with an animal for what nature provide, but instead, they are expected to seize what is necessary for their life base on their interest, desires, and values.

The art of production generates goods that human being requires but they have to discover what to produce. For people to create, they must define their goals and expectation, and they have to identify what is necessary, why and the urgency. They have to design means of production, determine what values are essential where and what action can threaten life. The ability of human beings to define all these roles makes them unique, and it is in the same process diversity of human nature emerge (Cacioppo and Patrick, 39). Human needs, desires, and interest are different, however, the societies in which man is born and raised play a significant role in ones life. The nature of human beings and the environment in which they are grown defines the outcome of ones behavior and desires (Schultz, 67). Due to this reasons, an individual identified initially by gender begin to acquire different traits when placed in the various social setting, some people start to describe a human being as good, a predator, evil and inhuman. All these definitions of people are colored by factors influencing once life such as culture, subculture and influential people in our life like the parent and family members.

As a child grows, he or she relies on the helpers who teach language a, morality and become a provider. The child conforms to what he or she is guided by the parents who are the helpers. As children grow, of age they are enrolled in school, and here one learns the ways of the world and the social rules and regulation. A child gains new knowledge from books and friends about the world, and begin to develop opinions and interest (Vogler,18). To best understand the human nature, an interview with different people of distinct personality, born and raised in the diverse environment will help shed light on the debate of human life and how different people explain human nature.

Interview one

The interviewee is a 62-year-old Catholic priest who has travel across the world in service of the church. He has been to Australia, Africa and in almost, all states in America. He has served the church for the past 30 years, and he is still in-service. The religious setting has participated in the debate about the nature of man, and the presence of a priest to give an insight into the discussion become parallel. The priest whose name is not mention has no children and practices celibacy.

1. Do you think people are good or evil? Good. Give two examples to support your answer

Biblically man was created by God pure and free from evil, the first parent Adam and Eve placed on earth brought sin upon themselves. Human beings are born moral, but the societies one is born into creates a reason for selfishness and evil. A child is born innocent but as he grows sin and evil befall the child.

People are a moral being, and people morally want to do well. However, the social and cultural setting human being live to create reasons for one to be greedy. The capitalist nature makes individuals wish for more at the expense of others. However, it is not that people are evil but the society forces us to be competitive, and in the process, people use evil to achieve domination among other benefits.

2. Do you think a person personality is mostly a result of natural DNA or nature (the environment including family and broader culture)?

A persons personality is best shaped by the environment more than the DNA. People may resemble their mothers and fathers and have traits that resemble their parent, but the social needs form the character one adopt primarily from the acquisition of education. The parent and the church instill morality in a child as he or she grows up but the moment one explores others aspects of the society and interact with friends one personality is shaped based on one set goals and interest in the community.

3. Are men and women basically the same or substantially different? Please explain

Males and female are equal in the eyes of God, however, the woman created a helper, and that makes her subordinate to men. However, this does not mean that the woman should be oppressed, but the woman has to let the man lead. The woman can be anything they like, but they have to respect their husband. The measure helps reduce and sustains fairly the battle of dominance between the man and the woman.

4. What are the three laws that should be passed or better enforced to improve our society?

Due to the social imbalances created by people, human beings at times become in just and selfish either knowingly or unknowingly. The greedy and in just act cause chaos in the society and to sustain harmony and peaceful living specific laws need to be enacted

Respect for life, people are venerable, and when a persons life is threatened, death knocks. Many people who find others a threat and a stabling block to their success are likely to terminate others being. Life is the most precious yet most delicate aspect of man and life right from conception need to be protected.

Respect for property, people work hard to own property and wealth, every person wealth should be protected from destruction and grabbing from any person as long as it was acquired rightfully.

Right to reason and express freely, people can be allowed to be born and live, but when their freedom of speech and reasoning is blocked, then evil will get to prevail. People will be oppressed in silence and altering thoughts will be objected. The state will be chaotic as man fight to become relevant in society.

Interview two

The interviewee here is a 24-year-old student at Yale University. He is in final year pursuing a bachelor in law.

1. Do you think people are good or fundamentally evil? Human beings are sinful. Give two examples to support your answer.

Human beings are born evil and selfish. People want to have everything and never lack, and thats why there is increased competition to own more.

People are evil, and though laws have been put in place when no one is watching, and a person feel safe they are compelled to do evil as wrong as they are not caught. People always are ready to justify their actions as long as nobody is hurt.

2. Do you think a person personality is mostly a result of natural DNA or nature ( the environment including family and broader culture)

The human character is forged in many ways both life and nature play a significant role in shaping people. People are introduced to morality by their mother parent, and they adopt what they are taught, culture plays a similar role we are slaves of society culture at one point and how people behave is regulated by the society and interaction with others.

3. Are men and women basically the same or substantially different? Please explain

Men and women are equal although when biology is applied the sexuality is projected. Man and women have similar role and responsibility in the society, and none is superior to the other.

4. What are the three laws that should be passed or better enforced to improve our community?

Laws that define right and wrong and why.

Laws that protect peoples life

Laws that protect and project man and woman as equals

Interview three

The interview is a college teacher, she is 32 years and has been in the teaching profession for seven years. She was born and raised in Philippine before the family moved to the United States where she grew. She is a married mother of two sons.

1. Do you think people are kind or fundamentally evil? Man is born moral. Give two examples to support your answer.

A child is born innocent and only adopts what the helper instruct. Meaning, the natural environment instills in human being characteristics that are good or evil. When a child grows in a violent home, the child develops an extreme defense mechanism. When a child lacks basic needs from home as expected the child is forced to survive in the pain of lack, which transit to the adoption of a survival mechanism such as theft. The illustration indicates that humans ares born good, but the society one is raised in create needs that have man corrupted into evil.

People are born well and they feel happy when they do good deeds to others. Every person avoids pain at all cost and doing evil to others create pain to oneself. The feeling of sadness when one hurt another person and happiness when they do good explain that people are born right.

2. Do you think a person personality is mostly a result of natural DNA or nature (the environment including family and broader culture)

People are shaped morally by nature, the cultural forces in the society dictate how people behave and the personality one developed is formed by the interaction with the community they are living. Desire and interest develop after people interact. Therefore, nature has more impact on a person than nurture.

3. Are men and women basically the same or substantially different? They are equal. Please explain

Gender lines have been used in various societies to differentiate a man and a woman. However, despite the presence of gender linesman and women are all equal. Sexuality differs but anything else about a man and women is same. Both are capable of equally participating in social activities equally.

4. What are the three laws that should be passed or better enforced to improve our society?

To tame people the right to own property legally, need to be enforced. People have become competitive when it comes to seeking wealth and property. In the process, the evil in a person awakens, and one can do anything illegal to acquire wealth.

Order in the manners in which things are done should be enacted. Human beings are creating, but there should be order enforced on how people act.

A law that protects human life

Interview four

The interviewee is a full-time mother of four children. She is 37 years of age and although a full-time mother, she is a graduate who has suspended her career to look after her children. The husband is the housing provider.

1. Do you think people are good or fundamentally evil? Human beings are good. Give two examples to support your answer.

People are kind to others and are always willing to help. There are many help groups in any society and people are still ready to help those enrolled in those units, a good indicator that people are good.

A mother gives rise to a child and wants nothing but the best for the children. A mother can choose to abandon a child at birth, but many take the pressure and raise children. They dedicate all their lives to their children. If they are evil none would sacrifice for their children.

2. Do you think a person personality is mostly a result of natural DNA or nature (...

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