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Embracing this Unreasonable World is itself symbolic as it signifies the struggle man goes through in day to day life in bid to make ends meet. As captured in the poem, the fight is really an instance that makes the poet term the world to be unfair and unreasonable in the manner it presents itself. Despite the efforts put by man in encountering the ups and downs, life itself does not have mercy to favor him but instead extend the list of frustrations in mans heart. This is indeed evident as one is left to wonder the true meaning of existence. Despite all the struggles man goes through in life, death, on the other hand, awaits him as the greatest monster to more frustrations. In regard to the poet, life appears not to have a meaning.

Examining whether life is worth living sums up to answering the key question of philosophy. One can judge life by the actions it encompasses. Life is a paradox that takes different forms shifting from one cycle to the other. It is a model that revolves from one stage to the other. Life can be defined in relation to how one views it. As much as a person may be thinking to lead a healthy and comfortable life, things suddenly change into the unexpected. Embracing this Unreasonable World explains to how life can be wanting and a disgrace for one to question why he or she was born to encounter all the trials. Life turns out to be unreasonable through death creating a meaningless existence. The worth of living is manifested in the happiness one attains. However joyful Sisyphus appears to be after living to the fullest, he hates death.

The everyday climb is a great frustration that tears mans heart. Human nature calls for humanity to work and not be lazy. As recorded in the Bible, man was accorded the intellect to work. In fact, a lazy person is condemned in the Bible and expected not to be given food for being lazy. Therefore, working hard for man is not a surprise but a way of life. But the hard working nature of humanity has shifted to be a fierce struggle that is not attainable. The harder one struggles, life goes beyond the reach ushering one into total misery. A life that was to be enjoyed does not take pleasure anymore. Instead, it is a disgrace ushering many into painful deaths. In the poem, life is likened to pushing a big rock upward a thing that is difficult to accomplish. For one to succeed in pushing a big rock, the exercise is expected to be done downwards where the rock can move by rolling. Thus embracing life upwards is a hard nut to crack making it unreasonable.

Little did the poet understand that he uttered the first cry, escaping through the tiny lungs just to come out and unknowingly to encounter the undeserving life trials. As a matter of fact, no one could give an option whether to be born or not. However, through life challenges, many I think could not have accepted to be born just to avoid all the life struggles that are extremely bitter. The poet alludes that being born is not an option. Life is, however, a choice on whether to lead a convincing one or not.

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