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Throughout my entire life, I have had a chance to hold a leadership position. When I was participating in school soccer team, I experienced the democratic type of leadership. Additionally, I have I have experienced leadership position in the college during class presentation exercise, being the leader of the youths in the church as well as a family leadership (Nienaber et al., 2015). Through the positions mentioned above, I have been able to gain vital qualities to improve my leadership qualities.

The leadership traits that I have acquired and strengthened during my leadership includes; how to become a better team player, to be a good listener, to become more patient, to welcome positive criticism, to be able to solve problems as well as to speak out loudly (Carton et al., 2014). Despite gaining a lot of leadership experience, there is still need to learn more so that I come become a better leader including becoming more assertive, becoming more discipline, being a good public speaker as well as learning to become more optimistic and realistic.

Participating in school soccer team during the interschool completion offered me the opportunity to play on both winning as well as losing as a team, therefore, I have been able to develop various perspectives of viewing things. I have been able to realize that losing should not give you a reason for giving up but rather stand right back up. The loss has enabled me to realize the errors and mistake thereby preparing myself better to benefit the team. Therefore, when coming back for the next match, I am always mentally as well as physically prepared to encounter the next challenge (Carton et al., 2014). In many occasions, youths, and adults most of the time give up after failing to accomplish their goals. However, developing good listening skills to my peers as well as learning from my mistake has enabled me to overcome my mistake. Therefore, through the occurrence mentioned above, I have been able to develop and become a good democratic leader.

In the college, during the class group project, I always try the best of my ability to come up with an initiative of encouraging students always to speak up. Give ideas that could assist the group and brainstorm as a group so that they can come up with methods and ways that can lead the group to realize its goal. During such situation, I employ my charismatic leadership abilities so that things can get going. When the groups are facing challenges like arguments and disagreement during the discussion, I used my problem-solving techniques to help the group agree. Most of the time, i motive the group members so that they can develop positive attitudes towards their studies thereby enabling them to realize their dream (Nienaber et la., 2015)

Consequently, leadership can be said as a common but multifaceted and complex position. Leadership can be associated with the acts aims at influencing a group of organized individual with the aim of achieving certain goals. A good leader is the possessing more of listening skills that talking abilities. As my leadership skill, a good leader is the one who tries to gather other people's opinion analysis and respect them before coming up with the final decision on the challenging issues. A good leader is the one who is open to change. A good leader with better leadership skills is the one who avoids being bossy.


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