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1.2 Background

Imagine a normal workday, when client demands, business goals, and ultimately organizational objectives are not met because the team is not playing effectively. Of course, in such a situation, modern ERPs systems depending on properly connected Enterprise Architectures systems solve most of the business problems. However, there is naturally a huge problem because most ERPs systems are made to favor the administrative authority, besides; the systems grow heavily making it impossible to keep track of the findings.

A stable business intelligence system solves such problems such as poor communication and team management. The business intelligence software, Error rectification and Quality assurance Application (ERKAR) anticipate future company problems of too much growth, hence solve the problems of communication challenges by presenting solutions that will help solve communication problems. ERKAR provides an SMS back to all employees, on their next stage of the project. Given that the application solves the problems affecting Retail Supply chain systems problems, for example, excess inventory, it is important to appreciate the proactive managerial approach a central proactive managerial approach towards competitive business times.

BI systems success depends on the problem-findings approach that plays a vital role in removing challenges affecting the business. In operation, problem findings and knowledge leads to critical understanding where managerial effectiveness provides a stronger model of decision-making. The designers of the application appreciate that management is ineffective at lower levels, where most time is spent in ending problems, not creating solutions. However, the management is effective in using knowledge and intelligence as a vital way to approach challenges, as well create solutions to future problems at the current time. The flow chart below best explains how the solutions will be solved effectively at lower managerial levels.

Chart 1: ERKAR Flowchart

1.3 Study Area

Once the BI system is developed, it is important to deploy and test it on a virtual business model. The business is similar to Walmart, hence the team will conduct an experiment to construct possible supply chain data that Walmart could be having at the moment. The goal is to identify the supply chain problems that leads to dead stock in one retail outlet, whereas another experienced shortages.

1.4 The Research Problem

The research problem is the actual supply chain problems that retail outlets suffer when one of their shops suffers a lack of sufficient inventory, while others experience an oversupply of the same products. The research problem is however not the challenge of supply, but the problem of communication which the BI systems will be solving.

The Research Question

Mouton (2001) advocates for the research questions because they help guide the research agenda while creating a notable framework for controlling the genesis, development, and termination of the research.

Main Question

Applying Business Intelligence and Analytics to solve supply chain problems


Question 1. To what exte...

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