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Fossil fuel refers to a naturally-occurring energy which is a result of the anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms. The age of the dead organisms that make the fuels is usually millions of years. The fuels usually consist of large quantities of carbon, and they include petroleum, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels contribute more than 80% of the energy consumed worldwide. Although fossil fuels occur naturally, it is considered as a non-renewable energy source. This is because it takes millions of years to be formed and the available reserve is getting depleted faster than the new ones are formed. There is no doubt that the world needs fossil fuels for its continued survival.

First, fossil fuels are very useful as they produce vast amounts of energy per unit mass when they are burned. This has made the fuels very popular in the transportation sector, industries and even for domestic consumption. Almost all transportation vessels such as cars, airplanes, ships, motorcycles, and trains use fossil fuels. This is because it enables the vessel to be fitted with a small, reliable engine which is powerful enough to power the vessel. Industries burn fossil fuels to produce both heat energy and electricity. Natural gas is very important for domestic heating and turning gas turbines to produce electricity.

Also, fossil fuels lack a suitable alternative. In transportation, it is the only fuel that is small enough to suitable fit in small vehicles. The alternatives such as electricity are unsuitable due to low storage capacities. The long charging time for electric cars also discourages their use. In trains, a very expensive investment is required to construct power transmission cables along a railway line in order to power trains using the railway line. Nuclear energy can only be used in very large ships such as aircraft carriers where there is large space for the reactor. Electricity is also not popular for domestic heating as it is very expensive when compared to fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels provide economic boosts to many countries. Countries in the Middle East have developed their economies mainly by mining, refining and exporting crude oil and natural gas. This has made the nations relatively wealthy. The oil industry provides millions of jobs worldwide, and this usually improves the standard of living across the world. The jobs provided by the petroleum industry are much more when compared to the alternative energy sources such as wind turbines or hydroelectric power plants.

It is important to recognize that the byproducts of the extraction of fossil fuels are used to make products which are very important. Nail polish, deodorant, motor vehicle tires, antiseptics, and shoes are some of the things that are made by that are made from the byproducts of the refining of crude oil. These items play a vital role in our lives, and life would be more difficult without them. It is important to note that other alternatives of the fossil fuels do not provide these byproducts.

Finally, fossil fuel has a very important role in powering the world. The transportation sector, electricity producers, and domestic power consumers all require fossil fuel. It has also contributed hugely to the growth of some countries' economies. The byproducts of fossil fuels play a vital role in our lives. Critics of the fossil fuels believe that the use of fossil fuels is detrimental to the environment. They argue that burning and extraction of fossil fuels is harmful to the environment. However, with the considerations of its benefits, one realizes that the world needs fossil fuels to power its life.

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