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John Kennedys presidency was ended in the course of his term after he was assassinated. Many people view his presidency as full of unfulfilled promises that he had given Americans during his campaign and in inaugural speech. Though he did not meet all the expectations he had promised, most political analysts view his leadership as one with traces of greatness. Darman, in his book, landslide, points out that it is appropriate to categorize Kennedy as a great American president because of the pivotal role in played in the American presidency. He laid a base for many ideologies implemented later and that have a great impact on the nation growth both internally and externally. John Kennedy may not have met all the promises given not because he was unable or did not have the capabilities; it was chiefly because of the short period in office than expected. Darman views a great American president as a leader who sets the tone for the current and future direction of the country. His view on the cold war and the dealing with other foreign policies was fundamental in his presidency period and even afterward. His foreign policies have been using as the base for the setting up foreign policies for other governments. His dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis was a significant step in protecting the position of the US in the cold war and makes him remain as one of the great American presidents. In his domestic policy, Darman sees his contribution to the promotion of equality as a base for the fighting of equality among Americans.

Fundamental Ideological Differences

Kennedy became American president during the cold war. The USSR was actively looking for ways of becoming the world super powers and intended to use nuclear weapons in the process. As the president of the US, Kennedy negotiated with the leader of USSR, Nikita Khrushchev to end the Cuba Missile Crisis as well as the dismantling of nuclear weapons. The negotiations were a significant step in the future management of the cold war and prevention of the use of nuclear weapons. He was a liberal leader who advocated for equality among the entire Americans regardless of color or race. His work towards civil rights led to the blacks allowed to vote and also to participate in other national activities. He laid the basis through which has been used to enact laws ensuring equality for all such as in schools, workplace and even in marketplaces. His economic ideologies were also fundamental in his leadership and also afterward. He came into command when the US was in recession and needed actions to rescue the economy especially with the ongoing activities of USSR in the cold war. He had to overcome the classical school of thought and adopt Keynesians economic strategies to formulated anti-recessionary policies. Some of the policies adopted included reduction tax rates and the introduction of tax credits. The financial moves takes were fruitful, and he was able to control the effects of economic crisis. In his economic strategies, he wanted to create alliances with other countries in the region for better trading such as the Latin alliance. He also had ideas of assist other nations to grow economically and come out of crisis even if they were not in war. The ideology leads to the creation of Peace Corps which has been in operation up to date. It remains a fundamental US tool in its foreign policy accomplishments and also in enhancing a good relationship with other countries.

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