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In the 2011 movie, The Help, which is also an adaptation of a novel with the same title, there are several issues advocated for and correlate with the rights that UNCRC stands for as an organization. The movie is about a girl called Skeeter who gets a job for a newspaper company as a journalist soon after she graduates. Skeeter is given an assignment that entails her to write about housework that is to be featured in the paper. Due to her lack of housework experience, she seeks the counsel of one of her friends maid known as Aibileen, who is a black woman. However, at the time, the tension between the black people and the white people was high. In the movie, discrimination is a major theme considering that the all the aspects of the black peoples lives are discriminated against by the white people apart from Skeeter, who acts unlike the rest of the white people.

Given the weight discrimination had at the time, Skeeter gets an idea to write a book revealing ways in which black people, who in this case are the maids, are treated while working for the white people. Although at first, the maids would not agree to share their stories with her since they were afraid of the racial threats that would become, they decided to share their experiences after some time. After publishing her book, Skeeter is met with different reactions that affect her relationship with the people around her.

From the movie, the black population, and in particular the women, are seen as 'help'. This because all of them work as maids, whose work is revolve around cleaning and taking care of the white peoples children. Their assigned roles also come as a result of their illiteracy. For instance, Aibileen, one of the movies primary character proves her lack of education through the language she uses in reassuring a young white child by telling her, You is smat, you is kind, you is important. (The Help, 2011).

Apart from discrimination, 'unlikely friendship' is also a major theme in the movie. This evident from Skeeters relationship with the maids, Minny and Aibileen, who help her out with her book on the way black maids are treated. Skeeter hopes that her book will raise the voice to those in need and change the ways through which the white people treat the black maids in her hometown.

The adaptation of the movie, The Help, is major considering that the takes place during a cultural moment that is marked by the prevalence of neoliberal discourses and increased media convergence. To be precise, the movie locates itself at a time juncture where post-feminism and post-racialism theories are real, gendered, racialized, and identities classed yet also decreasing the broad space required to cross-examine the underlying implications of cultural and political factors of upholding a particular identity. The fascinating fact as brought forth in The Help is the way the main character, Skeeter, treats African-Americans in the midst of racism, which is quite the opposite of what the rest of her people do. This, as a result, goes on to prove the significant role of her identity, which affects both her character and relationships all through the story.

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