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The occasion of the address was about the Cold War. U.S president visited Western Berlin and made a speech at the Berlin Wall

The constraints like Berlin wall that divided the eastern and western world help President Reagan to pass the message of Unity at ease. The Wall represented not just a physical barrier but the also the invisible but deeply divided Eastern and western world (Skoniecki, 2015). The resources like the Presidency that is a symbol of unity and the speechwriter Peter Robison who worded the speech appropriately ensured that the address was listened to by both the eastern and western world. The protest that took place during Reagan visit and the heightened division resulted in more attention being given to the speech thereby increasing the call for freedom between the East and West Berliners

The speech was delivered to the Eastern audiences who were the mastermind of the Iron Curtain and West Berliners as well as Western supporters who were fighting over racism. The Eastern who are communist were resisting the Western whom they viewed as Capitalists (Skoniecki, 2015).

Both the East and Western Berliners shared the same Identity. Both of them were the citizen of Germany.

The speaker adapted the speech by examining the four main challenges that the audience mostly needed. First, the speaker pledged for the US support to Western Berlin. Secondly, the speaker demanded the removal of Berlin Wall. Additionally, Reagan requested for improved association between the west and East Berliners, and lastly, the Speaker talked about peace and prosperity (Bell, 2013)

Ronald Reagan born on Feb 6th, 1911 and died in 2004 was an American actor cum politician who served as the 4oth US president between the years 1981 to 1989. Before becoming the president, he also severed as the California 33rd Governor. Reagan also had a successful Hollywood acting career and a union leader

The speaker uses overcame the constraints by using the Ping-pong approach whereby he talks about something that is inspiring and positive but at the same time bagging the enemy. Therefore, nobody knew the new the position of the US on freedom, capitalism and the Berlin Wall

The speaker used the story of his two friends, a Cuban refugee and a businessman who run away from the Castro. The speaker reveals that they were lucky since they had a place to run to and seek refuge. Therefore, if the Berliners lose freedom, there would be no place to run to and find refuge

The speaker appeals to cultural values and beliefs such as individualism and power distance. For example, the East and West Berliners societies wanted to engage in their activities leading to the construction of the Berlin wall (Bell, 2013).

Ronald Reagan speech was majorly a wartime political speech that was meant to help in bringing some sense to the warring parties. The speech mainly addresses the topics such as the importance of the relationship between the East and West Berliners, Support of the United States, destruction of the Berlin Wall and the importance of freedom as well as the prosperity.


Bell, R. M. (2013). Charismatic leadership case study with Ronald Reagan as exemplar. PRODUCTION STAFF, 83.


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