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Technology primarily refers to the branch of knowledge which mainly deals with the essential use and development of technical means, their embodiment, societal interrelations, the environs and the actual livelihood of man. Servitude primarily alludes to the aspect of complete slavery to either ideology, person or a technical object. Technological advancement has significantly turned out to be an integral part the society that man solely rely on to presume his living. The drastic evolution in this sector has overwhelmingly influenced the core living style of the man in that thinking of life without technology his existence would be in tatters. Technology has been significantly embraced by people since it has improved their lifestyles and eased the execution of different tasks in a clear and concise mannerism which initially didnt exist (Brey).

Technologically, the world has been turned into a global village which man can span within seconds. The innovation in the field of transport and communications has dramatically eased the accessibility of various places and individual via mobile phones, air flights, electric trains and marine advanced technical modalities. The innovations in this area have made mans life secure in that a conceptualization of an ideology of curtailing any of this means of transport would mean an end to mans global village perception of the world. For instance, a car puncture or flight delay of failure implies that an individual plan of the day comes to an indefinite halt just because the technological concept behind the working of that particular system has enslaved the mans operations. The essence of mailing, sending messages, skyping, and video calling have hugely taken over mans business world making his stay a comforting track. Due to significant health concerns attributed to lack of exercise and laxity associated with these gadgets, the best approach to curtail the behavior falls in line with instituting curfews and laws banning the use of mobile phones and technical means of transport when spanning areas around the town. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, skypes, Myspace and video games are some of the social media platforms which have significantly taken the prime time of man. The span of time people takes chatting I social media platforms creates tension and reproach to our conduct. The prioritization of chores and deliverables has been the core issue since amidst a televised soap or movie it is hard to assume the attention a kid or a mother who appears to be glued on the screen to decipher the content of every scene. The context is a replica of the news stream time when you could probably find the whole family attentive with their large focus on the news anchor. These acts mainly pose a big question of concern where we could think in a blink of the mans world without technology.

Technology has significantly revolutionized mans ideologies in development of businesses. Currently, people can carry out their business online regardless of their locale particulars as long as they post their commodities in their web page or social media platforms (Cadwell). More so, business adverts are significantly perceived to impact if advertised via technological mediums or relayed via print out media. The funny bit in these transactions, man is technically tied to the power supply and availability of stable internet connections. In the absence of internet or power supply, the online business platform is shattered implying that the technology inputs overrules the mans operation. In many instances, man has been forced to presume automatic power backups to sustain either the stability of the internet or the computer gadget used in activities. More so, online business channels have created homeworking opportunities which signal livelihood reliance of man of this technical knowledge. The computer and internet technology has made the lives of individuals better as it is not necessarily that one goes to the office but rather an individual can choose to work while at home (Folkvord and Hoel). The enslavement of man by his technical invention is satirical since the knowledge he has imparted in devising the same medium of work becomes limited to solving the actual technical itch.

Technological integration on security issues, data archiving and retrieval has significantly impacted mans business world. In the current business world, overreliance in online data security systems has become the critical issue in firms since the insider threats, and cyber-crime plights allude to grey infiltration technicalities of companies data. It is satirical that this business develops stable systems by hiring the best personnel in the respective areas, but the latter ends up employing the technical expertise in manning the data systems retrieval and archiving tactics. The institution of security cameras (CCTV) in malls, homes, private offices and banks is an approach of curtailing the incidences of robbery against the same man who is significantly seen to control and fix the same system. Furthermore, mans health plight has attested the effects of improved technology in hospitals as the integration of the same as posted enhanced life sustenance. The logic of organs transplant, cancer treatment, blood transfusion and life support machines and the knowledgeable approach of developing bone fracture fixing equipment allude to highly experienced technological span. Just, thinking of health sector without the technical integration is hugely a big blow to mans healthy life.

In summary, the technological advancement has immensely influenced mans life in that we cant imagine life without the technical knowledge.


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