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Premise 1: Social media which can be accessed using various available devices enables individuals to communicate and pass information to family and friends.

Premise 2: Social media is a new and easy form of communication that helps one to keep in touch with persons who are miles away as well as a collective form of entertainment.

Conclusion: The social media enhances the interpersonal relationships since they keep people connected to those that matter to them and serves as a means of communication as well as entertainment.

From the premises above, it is evident that the social media enhances the interpersonal relationships since it helps to keep the people we love connected to us. This connection helps people to stay in touch and with the advancement in technology people can interact in such a way that it seems real and as if you are talking to the person one-on-one although they might be miles away. Therefore, the social media helps in keeping up with important dates, events and even family gossip. This helps the family members be able to know any new developments in their loved ones lives, and if they have kids, it can enable them to keep up with their growth. The social media can be used to send and receive pictures and videos that are meant for entertainment hence enhancing the interpersonal relationships.

Premises Against:

Premise 1: The social media is nowadays easy to use as well as easy to misuse and also mess through causing problems with friends and relatives. For instance, can cause marriage and other relationship problems hence hindering interpersonal relationships.

Premise 2: Social media hinders interpersonal relationships since people are more attentive to what is trending or going on in a virtual reality world instead of the reality.

Conclusion: Therefore, from the counter arguments above it is evident that the social media can hinder interpersonal relationships since it encourages people to live in the virtual reality rather than the real world reality and also can be misused leading to unhealthy interpersonal relationships.

This social media era has made people live in a virtual world reality. Some may opt not to meet their friends and family or attend important events just because they know they will interact them on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media forums. Some people even opt to meet new friends and even mates on the social media instead of the traditional way of face to face. This has greatly hindered the interpersonal relationships. Honestly, social media should not be used as dating websites but as a means of staying connected. The other dark side of the social media is the fact that sometimes it serves as a problem starter since some of the individuals who use the social media tools and sites may misuse them or use them for the wrong reasons hence hinder the interpersonal relationships.


Login, R. M. Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?.

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