Research Paper: Parents Should Monitor Their Children's Social Media Use

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The introduction of social media has led to the rise of various debatable issues. The question as to whether it is appropriate for parents to monitor their kid's social media use is an example of these debatable issues. In considering this issue, I had questions such as; why do parents monitor their children social media use? Does monitoring offer any form of relief to the parents? Can children independently control their social media use? And is the social media a safe environment for children to use freely without any form of supervision? After considering the presented questions, I acknowledged that parents should monitor their children's social media use. This is appropriate since it will ensure their children grow safely and are focused on what is important to their future. Individuals who argue that parents should not monitor their children's social media use state that their action would create a bad relation with their children. To them, it may also force children to be secretive to the point that the parents would not know them well.

Planning scheme for Argument and Counterarguments

Factual data

The use of social media has led to an increase in cases of children stocking, kidnapping, kids' engagement in immoral sexual acts, and cyber bullying.

Examples I can use

The case of our neighbors twelve-year-old who almost committed suicide due to cyber bullying.

The observations I have made from the relation of my parents and younger siblings whose social media use are monitored.

The conversations I have had with my aunts and uncles who say monitoring of their children's social media has enabled them to ensure they are safe.

Research results that show how social media monitoring has helped in positively shaping children's lives.

Statistics evidence used

A comparison of the behavior of children being monitored and those not monitored.

Research plan

The assumption made is that parents who monitor their kids' social media use to ensure that they are safe from the vices associated with social media. This thus enables them to grow safely and stay focus on positively building their life. I will support this assumption by showing how monitoring of children is advantageous. I will show why it is necessary for parents to monitor their kids through comparing the lives of children being monitored and that of those who not monitored.

Some of the reasons as to why others may object the need of monitoring children may be such as they view monitoring as an act that will cause children and their parents to have a bad relation. The children will become secretive, and act would discourage children from being responsible. I would counter their argument by stating that social media monitoring will not lead children and parents to have a bad relation. This is because like the other forms of monitoring that parents set social media monitoring would not affect their relationship. Monitoring would not lead children to be secretive since the parents would directly know what their kids do. Monitoring would make children even to be more responsible since they would have the knowledge of what is expected of them.

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