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In this current society which has evolved in the involvement of technology and made communication easy and efficient, families, friends, the society, and the government can share information concerning social life, political aspirations, political arguments and also it has provided a platform for arguments on relevant facts in the society. On the other hand, social media has got both negative and positive appeals to the society, the media dwellers and mostly on the youths regarding their academic aspirations. Notwithstanding the fact that social media is used as a political platform, the media population may create bias in peoples opinions since it may consist of people of a certain age only (Cogburn, Derrick & Fatima, 182). This article seeks to shine some light on the informative analysis of social media in shaping the government decisions, airing out government policies, the effects of social media on the youths in schools among other several factors.

Some people claim that social media exposes people's private lives more than solving social problems in the society. Others may argue that social media is turning situations from bad to worst since it through the platforms that the youths spend most of their time analyzing posts and extending their romantic relationships. It is a brilliant idea to examine the drawbacks of social media since nothing right lacks a spot. As much as people talk about the negative side of social media, they should take note that the government obtains peoples reactions from social media platforms like Facebook, Web 2.0, Twitter, Instagram and many others to construct a survey about a particular aspect of the political life of a nation. As much as radio stations use social media, TV stations and Press, the government can gather relevant reactions of people about certain bills and latter apply ethical reasoning in making sound decisions.

Social media makes the world to be a smaller village through which people ensure that democracy prevails through electronic demonstrations on media platforms. Today, social media can be used as a tool for airing out political aspirations and shaping politics of a nation the way the politics of US changed from the monotonous Democrat party to a current Republican party that was won by Trump. According to research, Trump was campaigned by people all over the world through social media platforms to the point of silencing Hillary Clinton of the Democrat party. Consequently, social media is shaping the decisions that President Trump has been aiming at making regarding America and its relations with other nations. According to an article written by Rainie et al. (n.p), old politics were replaced by current social media politics.

Also, Rainie et al. (n.p), pointed out that there are new waves of activists as seen in Britain hence making the younger generation not to need leaders as their representatives. What does it mean? Many youths can air out their concerns through social media platforms without necessarily being represented by a person in the Senate office. Therefore, social media is taking old politics away and giving the world a new face of postmodern politics. Researchers call upon the society to use social media platforms moderately as a tool of bringing change the way the youths are actively contributing to hot debates.

However, there is need of pointing out the drawbacks of social media through an analysis of the happenings on social media crimes, violence, unguided romantic relationships and sexual offenses (Rainie et al., n.p) Teenagers should be aware of the offenses committed on social media platforms and the consequences of the crimes. Many people have been sentenced jail terms for committing verbal offenses and assaults on social media platforms. Therefore, there should be moderate use of social media platforms as a source of information and teens should avoid overindulgence in romantic relationships to focus on their academic aspirations.


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